Causes of Toenail Discoloration

Toenail discoloration can have many reasons and among them are the trauma of the toe and bacterial infections. Besides, certain conditions such as liver infection and diabetes can stand behind the condition as well as usage of bad quality nail polish. In case of toe discoloration toes tend to change their color to brown and yellow but sometimes they can even turn green and black.

As it has already been mentioned that liver dysfunction and diabetes can evoke toe discoloration. As long as these two are very serious illnesses, it is necessary that you have your feet examined if there are any alternations in the color of the toes. It is also better to prevent the illness than to treat it afterwards. The first step to take in case of toe discoloration is to get examined by a doctor.

Among other causes of toe discoloration is genetics. Some people are genetically predisposed to have yellow nails that are tinged and slow to grow; this condition is known as yellow nail syndrome.

Toe discoloration can also be evoked by repeated injury. Athletes suffer frequently from this condition and it is frequently accompanied by bleeding under toe. In case when blood cannot drain properly from under the nail, it turns black. It is likely to happen in the result of some injury.

As it was said, dark-colored nail polish may also result in changing the color of your toenails. This is very likely that a person’s toenails get yellowing tinge if nail polish stays on the nails for a particular period of time. After its removal nails look a little bit unhealthy and yellowish. This is especially eloquent when red nail polish is used. It usually produces the same effect on finger nails. It is recommended to make breaks in covering your nails with dark colors in order to give them time to rest.

Toenail fungus is also one of the reasons why toenails can change color. There are different fungi that can affect nails and they tend to alternate the color of the nails in the accordance to the type.

However, it is likely that toenails first turn yellow if affected by a fungus. It is very important to get an examination and to consult your physician in order to find out the causes for toe discoloration and opt for the right treatment. There is nothing really serious about this condition and with the right approach and hygiene it is very easy to cure it.

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