Lose Weight, Get Strong, Feel Younger!

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Okay, so the first month of the year has already passed, and it’s time to revise your New Year’s Resolutions. Is there anything about leading a healthy lifestyle? We bet there is, and if it’s not there yet – it’s high time you added it to the list! Read on to learn what easy steps you can take to lose weight, get stronger and feel younger.

First things first – there isn’t going to be any ad aimed at promoting some magic pill. Losing weight and building muscle to get stronger invariably involves exercising. Yes, it means you will have to follow a healthy diet, stop reading endless tips and finally take up a sport you really like, and reevaluate some of your habits (yep, say goodbye to doughnuts at 2 a.m. and munching on fries as you watch your favorite series). But there are things that won’t deal a blow to the regimen you are used to and still can help you become healthier.

LOSE WIGHT: Do Not Skip Breakfast

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Yes, as easy as that. Instead of eating late at night, eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. In fact, it does not necessarily have to be a leafy green salad with pure water (although it would actually be a great choice!). Even a piece of chocolate cake can be a healthy way to start your day. It’s not a typo: research showed that if you limit your daily calorie intake to around 1,500 calories, it is better to eat a protein- and carb-rich breakfast (such as a chocolate cake worth 600 calories!). This approach can help you lose significantly more weight. Besides, if it is dark chocolate that you prefer, it can boost your cognitive function.

Another reason not to skip breakfast is that it results in your body burning more calories while exercising due to the boost it gives to post-workout metabolism.

GET STRONG: Add Simple Yoga Exercises to Your Routine

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Yoga is not about chakras – it is a good way to stretch your body and become stronger without feeling like you’ve just ran a marathon. Yes, some poses may be pretty intense, but even beginner-level classes can be very useful if you practice on a regular basis.

We are busy. Extremely busy. But let us be honest – few can say that they REALLY cannot carve out ten to fifteen minutes a day to do a workout. Most of us can optimize our schedule.

There is no need to go to a yoga studio, buy props and stylish pants, or turn into an advanced athlete able to do headstands. All you need is a mat (again, a simple one will do) – it helps protect your knees and makes it more difficult for sweaty hands to slide. There are dozens of great channels on YouTube. For instance, there’s Yoga with Kassandra. Take a look at this list of 5-15 min classes – they are just the right option to start with!

FEEL YONGER: Spend More Time Outdoors

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Stop spending all days indoors. There is so much to explore and so many paths to tread.

First, by doing so, you can increase sun exposure. Human beings need sunlight, but many people are deficient in vitamin D (especially in northern countries) because they do not spend enough time outdoors.

Second, being outdoors means moving more. Even if you cannot stand jogging, you can enjoy gardening, walk your dog or just stroll in a park – all these activities can help you reconnect with the real world and escape the concrete and digital jungle we are stuck in. Cycling or walking to work are also great options.

The takeaway is that oftentimes the most difficult thing is to actually start doing what needs to be done. Switching to a healthy lifestyle overnight is challenging, but most people would definitely benefit from reevaluation of their lifestyle. These easy steps can make a difference. Just do it, as a famous ad says.


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