Depression and Love

It is normal to have different moods but with depression it is different – it is a condition that should not be ignored as it can lead to many problems in life.

Depression is a condition that makes a person dull and monosyllabic and deprived of any joys in live. It is frequently very hard to communicate with such a person. His energy levels are very low and he seems indifferent to any activity.

Depression can be mild but it can also develop into a pretty severe state. Unluckily, there are a lot of people, who refuse to admit that they have such a problem, let alone ask for help. This is not a good approach to the problem, though. One should understand that nowadays depression is considered an illness as well as any other and there is nothing wrong with treating it and the desire to get better.

Depression is treated by different means, sometimes it is a combination of several therapies. It is always individual and private.

Considering the reasons why depression occurs, there are many. Among them are physical and psychological. Very frequently it is chemical imbalance that is referred to when talking about the causes of depression. However, not less frequently depression can be the result of unsuccessful or unhappy relationships. Depression and love are often connected and this fact should not be underestimated. Love is a very complex feeling and it can include a great many of aspects and, therefore, there will always place for depression.

One should not think that depression is a condition that leads to mental hospital (though it actually can); the thing is that while temporary ups and downs are normal, prolonged periods of depression that get worse and chronic, should be attended. Here are more about depression and love issue.

When it comes to relationships and depression, things are never easy. The cases can be different; for instance, a person can be depressed and this ruins the relationship, or interferes with initiating one. In other cases a person can become depressed in the result of a divorce or a break-up or unrequited love. In case this sphere is not happy, a person can pick up a depressive lifestyle and stick to it for quite a long time. This is not a good scenario actually. It might seem that depression and love cannot be compared let alone connected. However, it depends on the angle of view. There are so many things that depression evokes – self-deprecation, guilt, anger, disillusionment, loneliness and what not that it can be also referred to the other side of love as well.

In many cases when depression and love are interconnected the former starts because of the fear. It comes either because the person is afraid that no one will find him or her worth loving; or he or she is afraid to love the love that he/she already has got. Both scenarios are fraught with over- and negative thinking, which is bad in any way. It is never likely to end up well and only aggravates the depression, if a person cultivates such thoughts and fears.

It might seem really hard to cope with depression but it is not impossible. The first step is to stop this negative flow inside your head. When it comes to love and relationships, one can remember, that there is no such thing as unworthy; and the nest thing that it is important to be wise and appreciative in a relationship. In case depression tends to win, there is nothing shameful to go get help. One of the most effective methods of coping with depression is considered cognitive therapy – it has helped a lot of people to understand themselves and their reactions better as well as find solutions to many questions. There is no doubt, depression is a hard burden and no one is likely to bear it willingly. Then, why are you still here, suffering?

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