Hormonal Headaches – Symptoms

Many women experience headache before and during menstrual cycles. Young boys and girls bat the puberty age may also have hormonal headaches. Very often such headaches are confused with migraines. In fact, hormonal levels changes in women provoke headaches. The reproductive cycle and sex hormones in females are responsible for headaches.

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Starting with puberty female body produces high amounts of estrogen, a female hormone. The time when women suffer from hormonal headaches depends directly on the levels of hormones and the reproductive cycle.

  • Unbalanced levels of estrogen, serotonin and progesterone can trigger headache.
  • Usage of birth control pills and premenstrual syndrome are frequent causes of hormonal headaches.
  • Generally there is an enhancement in hormonal headaches during pregnancy. However, due to hormone fluctuations in pregnancy, headaches may occur. Fortunately, hormonal headaches in pregnancy are easily treatable with medications.
  • Poor eating habits can trigger hormonal changes causing hormonal headaches.

Men can also be affected by hormonal headaches. Unbalanced levels of testosterone and estrogen can lead to hormonal headaches. There is a special term andropause used to describe male menopause. Men may experience hormonal headaches before andropause, during and after.

  • Dehydration, excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol abuse, hormone replacement treatment during menopause, changes in exercise system and diet can be responsible for hormonal headaches.


  •  Vomiting and nausea
  • Throbbing pain
  • Pain in one side of the head
  • The sufferer cannot tolerate loud noise, bright light or strong smell
  • Headache might stay for several hours or even days
  • The symptoms and their severity usually differ from woman to woman.

Treatment for hormonal headaches

Adjusting dosages for oral contraceptives will relieve hormonal headaches. Timely treatment at the notice of first symptoms can prevent aggravation of the condition. Sometimes doctors recommend using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to manage headaches during menopause. As HRT is associated with certain risks, first it is necessary to check with the doctor and he will decide whether the therapy is appropriate for you. Anyway, women and men suffering from hormonal headaches should visit the doctor to choose the proper treatment.

Healthy diet, stress free life will reduce the symptoms of hormonal headaches. Lack of physical activity is a frequent reason for hormonal imbalances, so it is good to exercise regularly. Laughter therapy and yoga have proven their effectiveness in preventing hormonal imbalances. To relieve milder symptoms you can take anti-inflammatory medications.

Sometimes hormonal headaches can vanish on their own, because the body regulates the levels of hormones. Due to the fact that hormonal headaches treatment requires an individual approach, it is better to visit the doctor before starting any therapy.

As it has already been mentioned, healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and exercising on a regular basis are the best way to avoid hormonal headaches.


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