Tips for Cold Times

When the cold season is approaching, many people literally goes with – and the additional headaches, colds, coughs and scratchy throats. Two to three times a year an adult gets grippaler infection. The triggers for the disease are viruses. Around 200 different pathogens can trigger grippaler infection. The most common belong to the family of viruses Rhino.

The large number of different cold viruses also explains why people so often fall ill on a cold weather – even children suffer up to ten times a year. Its cause is not yet ready trained immune system: it has against the most common cold agents have not yet formed antibodies and is therefore particularly vulnerable. In the cold times also several types of flu viruses at the same time. This will allow family members time and again with new infectious agents and the common cold runs out.

Regardless of their species, the pathogen has one thing in common: They can log into the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and multiply very quickly if there is an infection of the mucous membranes in the nose, throat and bronchial area. After two to three days this manifests itself in the typical symptoms of flu: headache, chills, fatigue, coughing, colds, body aches and mild fever.

Especially in the cold season the disease spreads easily. When the air is cold, the mucous membranes in the nose and mouth, throat area creates poor circulation, so that cold pathogen’s get better products. Furthermore, the people at low temperatures, preferably in closed rooms, which are often poorly ventilated. By coughing and sneezing the virus, it flies through the air and be inhaled by the neighbor. Therefore, the nose and throat are the first attack. Now it depends on whether the immune system is trained and can fight pathogens. If not, the infection to the bronchial and sinus can spread.

But not only on the air there is a risk of infection: a cold virus can be several hours on the skin to survive. Defective virus to door or grab bars in the railways, they may touch on the hands and face to reach the nose. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your hands several times a day.

Drugs help against the painful symptoms. To nasty headache and slight fever in the years to come, are cold medicines that contain the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid, is recommended. Additionally, the immune system is strengthened when the drugs are enriched with Vitamin C, because this is the work of the immune cells (such as aspirin + C-ratiopharm ® against pain). The mucous membranes in the nose, throat and bronchial tubes swell already two to three days after infection, and produce a secretion. The cold is a major defensive reaction of the body in the cold: The pathogens are flushed from the nose. In order to keep mucous membranes moist and to liquefy the mucus is an adequate fluid intake, e.g. by drinking mineral water, tea is helpful. In addition, nasal sprays can be applied to the nasal mucosa and better flows allow secretion. The end of the Secrets is important because otherwise there is a big threat to get sinusitis. The cough is the common cold as a protective reaction of the body and frees the lower respiratory tract of tough mucus and pathogens. Cough juices are détente and thus facilitate the cough. With these measures and appropriate medications can shorten the duration of illness and the immune system to be strengthened.

But how can the bodies own immune system is trained? A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle throughout the year for a strong immune system is particularly important. Tangerines, apples or lettuce are rich in vitamins and strengthen the body’s own defenses. Walks and more sports in the fresh air keep fit and stimulate circulation, which in turn more blood through the vessels are pumped. With the blood and the immune cells in momentum. Just keep the active immune cells healthy: the changing temperatures are expanding the blood vessels and pull it back together. So the immune cells on the move quickly and get into the nasal mucosa, where they are in an infection in the mouth is needed. However, sauna and sports in an existing cold should be avoided, because it’s already weakened our immune systems.

For a trained immune system is recommended:

  • Out in the fresh air
  • Regular sauna visits
  • Balanced vitamin-rich diet
  • Enough Sleep
  • Avoid stress
  • Keep distance from ill persons
  • Well ventilated rooms, so that the agent is not able to gather
  • Rooms do not overheat, otherwise dry out the mucous membranes; the optimum temperature is 18-20 degrees

ASS + C-ratiopharm * against pain effervescent tablets
Active ingredients: acetylsalicylic acid, ascorbic acid
Applications: Light to moderate to severe pain, (such as headache, dental, period pain, painful symptoms in the context of colds occur) fever.
Note: In children and adolescents with a feverish illness because of the possible occurrence of liver-brain disease (Reye syndrome) only on medical advice and only where other measures are not effective.

For risks and side effects read the leaflets and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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