Pressure in Back of Head

Do you feel pressure in back of head? It can be provoked by a number of reasons. In case tightness in head affects the ability to do usual activities, it is necessary to visit a doctor. Although in most cases it is a condition of grave concern, sometimes pressure in back of head may indicate a serious disorder. To cope with the debilitating pressure it is important to make a correct diagnosis in time.


Inflamed Sinuses

There are 4 pairs of air-filled spaces within the skull. Every space is connected to nasal cavity with ostium, a small opening. All sinuses have mucus membranes secreting mucus to moisten the passages in the nose. Sinuses filter out dust, pathogens and pollutants which might in the inhaled air. Sinusitis happens if the irritants trigger swelling and inflammation of the nasal membranes resulting in ostia blockage. As mucus cannot drain out, pathogens enter the sinuses causing sinus infections. Inflamed sinuses trigger pressure around the facial area and in back of head. In fact, pressure in back of head can appear when sphenoid sinuses are inflamed. Once the infection is treated, the pressure will vanish.

Tension headaches are characterized by a tightness of the head. Pressure in head is provoked by muscle contraction in the shoulders and neck which is often caused by overexertion or poor posture. To tackle tension headaches you should stay relaxed and maintain a correct posture. Massage, deep breathing exercises, and other relaxation techniques help to relax the muscles.

Cervicogenic Headache

Neck problems can also provoke pressure in back of head. Neck arthritis as well as injury to the neck causes pressure in back of head. Stress on the inter-vertebral discs separating the bones may be the cause of disc degeneration. The condition is often a consequence of strenuous workout and heavy weightlifting. The protruding disc can irritate spinal nerves leading to pain.

Brain Disorders: Pressure in back of head can be triggered by malignant tumor growing in the brain. Actually, a brain tumor puts pressure causing pain. Such brain infections as meningitis may be responsible for pressure in the head. Hydrocephalus is a condition happening if cerebrospinal fluid deposits around the brain causing elevated intracranial pressure, which eventually leads to different neurological symptoms.

The above described conditions are common causes of pain and pressure in back of head. As far as several conditions are rather severe and require immediate medical assistance, the people experiencing debilitating pressure in head for a long time, should make an urgent appointment with the doctor.

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