Severe Headache and Nausea


Many individuals with migraine often complain of nausea and severe headache. Migraine causes severe headaches and nausea. In fact, migraine occurs when the blood vessels in the neck and head constrict causing poor blood flow. Together with headache in one side of the head and throbbing headaches, migraine provokes nausea often accompanied with vomiting.

Abnormal brain work

Another cause of sudden headache and nausea is abnormal brain activity. The pathways in brain nerve get affected by inflammatory processes. Causes are usually monitory and mostly individual, that’s why they are different in different people. The common reasons are allergic reactions, alcohol abuse, loud noise and bright light.

Aneurysm is a disease of the cardiovascular system responsible for causing severe headache and nausea. Aneurysm is when one or several blood vessels around the brain are dilated. This disorder also provokes swollen arteries and headaches. This condition is extremely severe. If not timely treated, swollen arteries grow in size and burst. Artery bursting provokes coma and even death. That is why severe headache and nausea are not to be ignored.


Another reason for nausea and headaches is brain stroke which happens when the blood flow in the brain is disturbed by a blood clot formation. The brain cannot get the required blood supply which causes brain stroke. Severe headache and nausea are the common causes followed by paralysis and brain stroke. Consult the doctor if you experience sudden nausea and headache.


As a matter of fact, bacterial and viral infections are the main reason why kids experience headache and nausea. Sudden onset of these signs should be discussed with your doctor as they may indicate meningitis or encephalitis or meningitis.


Brain tumor is perhaps the most severe cause of severe headache and nausea. A mass of abnormal cells grow in the brain causing tumor. Brain tumors may be benign and malignant. Anyway it is necessary to visit the doctor if you have chronic and severe attacks of headaches and nausea.


Many women experience nausea and headache during pregnancy. The common reasons are stress, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, caffeine withdrawal, dehydration, low levels of blood sugar, and fatigue. The condition may be provoked by high blood pressure, migraine, and infections during pregnancy.

Other causes

The intake of dangerous substances, such as paints, ink, dye, chemicals, etc. can cause severe headache and nausea. Apart from headache and nausea, it provokes dizziness and lethargy. Alcohol abuse, medications overdose, food poisoning, adverse effects of drugs, hypertension, dietary supplements, poor vision, head injury, disturbed vision, sleep deprivation, glaucoma, dehydration and hunger are common triggers of headaches and nausea.


The choice of treatment for headache and nausea generally depends on the causes of the condition. Never neglect prolonged onset of the two symptoms because aggravation of the disorder is really life-threatening. If you have severe headache and nausea at the same time, the best solution is to visit the medical professional.

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