What is Drug Allergies

Medications are used to cure health problems, but sometimes they unfortunately also can be the source of trouble and even problems. Drug Allergy is a medical condition in which you are hyper sensitive to some ingredients of certain drugs. Just as well as other types of allergies, drug allergy can be mild, moderate and severe. The biggest problem of drug allergy is unpredictability – drug allergy is usually not diagnosed until allergic reaction appears. If you have drug allergy on particular medication, you probably can have allergy on other drugs you don’t know.

Just as other types of allergy, drug allergy is the reaction of immune system on alien elements that are considered threats. These elements or allergens cause a whole set of symptoms that are milder or severer due to your system’s peculiarities.  The most common symptoms are hives or skin rash. These allergic reactions are not painful or noisy, but there is a probability of causing damage to organs, that is why drug allergy reactions should be preferably prevented. Drug allergic reactions that cause death of patient are extremely rare.

In the majority of cases it takes time to notice an allergic reaction. You may take the drug for a couple of days until you feel first signs of reaction or at least take it two-three times.

It’s a common opinion to think all drug adverse reactions are caused by allergy. This opinion is wrong. In fact only 10% of all adverse reactions caused by drugs are allergic. If you remember, allergy is caused by our immune system. The majority of adverse reactions have completely another nature. They are quite often caused by interactions between drugs. We usually take two or more medications and even simple vitamins can be absorbed without any problem while taken alone, but in combination with other drugs they may be the reason for hives or rash. In addition to interactions between drugs skin reactions can be caused by overdose or inability to digest and absorb drug. These non-allergic drug reactions are usually caused by our liver, kidney or stomach and you may feel symptoms we know as side effects (the most widespread side effects are vomiting, diarrhea and nausea). Notify your doctor in case you have symptoms of non-allergic reaction for prescribed drugs. In most cases side effects are not long lasting and harmful, bit this medical condition should be also treated if the symptoms persist.

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