Sudden High Blood Pressure

A healthy person’s blood pressure is somewhere around 120/80; however, it is frequent that some alternations in the level occur. Generally, it is caused by lifestyle and habits but can also be evoked by outside factors such as atmospheric pressure changes. In case of high blood pressure a person experiences an increase up to 140/90 and even higher. For those people who are prone to having such a condition it is recommended to have a sphygmomanometer at home in order to be able to measure the pressure any moment.

Sudden high blood pressure is a result of the way blood flow acts in the blood vessels. When it acquires too much force, hypertension happens. The most frequent reasons for sudden high blood pressure in both men and women are stress. Together with anxiety they represent one set of reasons. The other is physiological and in includes such conditions as pregnancy and overweight, for instance. Besides, high in the list of possibilities for evoking sudden high blood pressure is high sodium and caffeine intake as well as hormonal imbalance or problems with kidneys. Some drugs are able to evoke the same effect as well.

Sudden high blood pressure that happens frequently is an indication that something goes wrong in the organism. Hypertension is a sign of some disorder and especially if it is accompanied with other symptoms such as sweating and shortness of breath. Sudden high blood pressure is also recognized by blurred vision and nosebleeds and nausea; sleepiness and difficulty concentrating are also characteristic as well as tinnitus.

Sudden high blood pressure should not be neglected in any way. It is a serious condition that can be fraught with complications and in many cases it can lead to lethal outcome. That is why it is essential to know how to lower high blood pressure. There are several recommendations.

First thing is to keep all the stress away as well as avoid the situations that lead to anxiety. In case that it is hard to eliminate stress from life completely, one can apply for such things as yoga and meditation in order to reduce the levels.

In terms of preventive measures it is also recommended to introduce some changes into lifestyle and first of all start with a healthy diet and more activity. Moderate exercising is in general recommended for keeping fit and for controlling pressure levels as well.

Sudden high blood pressure can be really dangerous if it is not taken care of and neglected until it is too late. There are a lot of people suffering from the condition and it is essential for them to be careful and avoid stresses and be more attentive to lifestyle than healthy people in order not to aggravate the condition.

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