Living with Migraine and Headaches

Almost everyone knows headache, these are but temporary symptoms that are easily treated. In medicine, however, there are now 251 different types of headache known. Many of them are rather rare, but some, such as tension headaches, migraines and cluster headaches are now to become diseases, with a relatively high percentage of the population.

Unfortunately, headache nowadays is still dismissed as insignificant; individuals are considered, or even presented as sniveling simulators.

A new self-help forum, entitled “Living with migraine and headaches – – wants to change this.

The forum would like the exchange between patients already suffering from chronic headaches and often  have become easier for them. The focus is on migraine (with and without aura) and tension headache, but obviously all kinds of headache are welcome.

The aim of migraine and headache forum is to overcome prejudices, current information on migraine and headaches, and to deliver from research, and above all: to provide a forum for personal communication and discussion between people, which connects more than their disease. Likewise, the forum is of course open to all interested in finding out more about this disease, because maybe a friend or member suffer the same symptoms as you do.

Together, solutions and new (or good) treatment approaches will be sought or given assistance with questions about patients’ rights. A detailed information section provides a compact overview of everything that a headache patient should know about his illness: acute treatment and prophylaxis; detailed documentation on the various types of headache, news from the research, addresses of hospitals and doctors and useful information on therapies and theories.

In the interactive discussion, questions are asked to be part of their own illness, personal environment, for preventive and acute treatment to triggers on special forms, such as migraine with aura, migraine during pregnancy or in infancy. Also unusual and alternative treatment methods or theories should and must be discussed.

The promoters are focusing on helping people help themselves: jointly combat the pain!

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