Ankle Swelling

Ankles in our body are very important as they enable such processes as walking and running. It is hard to imagine that a person can do such things without the help of the ankles. Sometimes painful sensations and swelling occur in the ankles and this complicates the process of movement considerably.

It is pretty hard to move with the ankles that hurt and are swollen. In order to help the condition it is important to know what the reasons for ankle swelling are. Most of the time the condition is caused by nothing serious but sometimes it can be a symptom of some really bad illness.

It is better to get the reason of ankle swelling as it can lead to more pain and discomfort in life if left neglected. Here are the most frequent reasons for ankle swelling.

One of the first things that evoke swelling in the ankles is an injury. It is fraught with fluid accumulation in the area of the ankle. This is known as edema and it presupposes the accumulation of fluid in the cells.

Oral contraceptives are also known to produce similar effect as well as surgery. People on hormone replacement therapy frequently experience ankle swelling. It is very common for this problem to develop in case a person follows a wrong diet. Swelling occurs when too many carbohydrates are present in the diet and they are renowned for causing water retention in the first place.

Certain disorders evoke ankle swelling and allergies are in the first place. The same can be said about phelibitis, neuromuscular disorder and varicose veins. Pregnancy is always accompanied by swelling of ankles and not only and causes a lot of discomfort to a woman. Gout (a condition causing uric acid crystals accumulation) is also known for ankle swelling. Arthritis is in the list as well.

As long as you got the right reason for a problem, it is easier to select the treatment option. One of the first things to help the condition as well as prevent it is to perform special exercises for ankles. Working out will reduce the strain and pain and alleviate swelling to some extent. However, one should remember that moderation is the key here and that too much of exercises is no good thing. It can cause even more swelling instead of reducing it. Excessive workouts can also be fraught with a sprain and this is not what you need really.

Next treatment option is to change the diet plan. Avoid salty and sugary products and the one that are rich in carbohydrates as well. Drink enough fluid no matter how strange it may sound. Water retention is frequently the result of dehydration. Massage is also a great option for ankle swelling alleviation. However, it is better to apply for the help of a medical specialist and follow his instructions.

It is necessary to seek medical aid in case the swelling does not alleviate for about 72 hours. It is important not to neglect the condition even if the reason is a minor one. After all, ankles help us move and it is important to keep them in order as any other part of the body as well.

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