Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

When you decide to stop smoking, you need to use the reasons to quit smoking as a main advantage. In fact, the list of reasons to quit smoking can be endless, it may include your friends’ names, family, and the external and internal environments.

Here are the reasons to quit smoking

Risk of cancer

We all know that smoking causes cancer. Lung cancer is the most dangerous negative effect of smoking. Moreover, it increases the risks of having other cancer types, for instance, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, cancer of the larynx, cervix, pancreas and many others.

Lung disease

Smoking raises risks of developing lung diseases like chronic bronchitis and emphysema. These diseases are progressive and may appear life threatening.

Heart disorders

The risk of death caused by a heart attack is twice higher in smokers than in non-smokers. It may trigger peripheral vascular disease, in which blood vessels carrying blood to the arms and legs are constricted.

Smokers look bad!

People above 30 who are chain smokers, tend to have lots of premature wrinkles. Moreover, smoking makes your close and skin smell bad, and fingernails become yellow.

Risk factors for women

Women who smoke put themselves at a high risk of miscarriage. Low birth weight is also a common problem in women smokers. Women above 35, who use birth control pills, are more prone to having a stroke, heart attack, and blood clots in any part of the body.

Short life expectancy

Smoking reduces life expectancy – by 14 years for men and 15 for women

Cigarettes are expensive!

A simple calculation will show the sum you spend on cigarettes every day. The result is shocking! It’s not worth it ? stop smoking today!

Social acceptance

In fact, smoking is banned in the majority of public places and work places. There are numerous restrictions regarding smoking in public. Job applications can be refused because of your bad habit. It is not allowed to smoke at many parties. According to the studies? results smoking employees report sick more frequently than the non-smoking.

Concern for people around you

It is not a secret that smoking is not only dangerous for you, but it also affects people around you. Passive smoking which is an indirect inhaling of cigarette smoke is a huge health risk. Passive smoking can trigger heart diseases and lung cancer even in non-smokers.

Therefore it is clearly seen that smoking kills you. Find your reasons to quit smoking and your life will change for the best.

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