General Eye Health Care Tips

Eyes are one of the most important human organs. They perform vital functions for every human, so eyes are something we should take care of. Today’s progress constantly creates new technological innovations that ease our life or entertain us, but at the same time they harm our eyes.

TV, computer, cell phone displays are something we cannot avoid, but they affect our eyes with their harmful rays and can possibly lead to problems with eyesight. In addition to these some diseases can cause eye injury. Allergy and infections often have negative influence on eyes.

Taking care of your eyes should become an essential thing like brushing your teeth. If you turn to a habit doing some exercises that improve your eyesight just for 10-15 minutes a day, you can prevent myopia or hypermetropia.

Try to make short pauses each 40 minutes – an hour of working with computer. The lack of proper relaxation leads to worsening your of eyesight. When you feel your eyes are tired, rinse them with cool water if possible. Another solution is to look at green surface for 5 minutes. Green color is the most relaxing for eyes and they will recover much faster.

Do not stay outside for a long time under direct sun rays without sun glasses. Many consider them a style accessory, but they are very helpful as they protect eyes from ultraviolet rays. When you buy sunglasses make sure they have UV filter.

Some people work with dusty materials or have to stay in air with many flying objects. In this situation workers must wear protective glasses. Always wear them as you do it for your own good.

If your eyesight is already less than perfect, you might need to wear spectacles or contact lenses. Spectacles owners should clean lenses as dirty or oily lenses cause extra load to your eyes. Those who wear contacts should not forget to clean them before each use as dirty contact lenses can be the main reason for eye infections. It’s important to keep container where you put your contacts clean. Also doctors recommend changing contacts after every two-three months.

Food can help you to have normal eyesight for years. Vitamin A is widely known to be the best eye cure. If your eyesight is not good, products rich in vitamin A should appear in your daily ration. These are liver, sweet potatoes, carrot and some green vegetables. To make sure your Vitamin A is absorbed by body cells, mix it with products containing Vitamin E. These are vegetable oil, dry fruits, nuts, some types of fish and caviar.

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