Curry Leaves for Hair

Herbs and other plants have been used for various purposes for many years. One of them is hair loss treatment and curry leaves have always been among the most effective and popular recipes.

Modern cosmetic industry has a lot to do about beauty and elegance and advances. However, natural looks will also be appreciated the best. This refers to all the aspects of physical appearance and this is especially true about hair. However, it is sometimes pretty hard to get the hair looks that you actually want. Some people get their hair damaged and weakened by the lifestyle they lead and others just have this problem with hair loss. However, the situation is really not that hopeless as it seems. There are a lot of ways to improve hair condition and one of them is curry leaves for hair. Curry has in general a very great potential and it has long been used in both medicine and cosmetics.

You must have heard about curry in the very least as it is broadly used in a traditional Asian cuisine. It has a prominent taste and is a delicious spice for a great many various dishes. It has got unforgettable aroma and originates from Sri Lanka and India, where it is widely grown. In different cultures curry leaves are called differently and the plant itself can reach up to 6 meters in height. However, the flowers of the tree are not edible as well as seeds. It is curry leaves that are used for cooking as well as for hair treatment.

Curry is something that is a pleasure to experiment with. As it has been already mentioned, it is broadly used as a part of various dishes, adding unforgettable flavor and it is also a medication in Ayurveda medicine tradition. Here are some facts about curry leaves for hair.

Curry leaves are considered to produce very positive effect on hair. They are supposed to make hair stronger and healthier and preventing the loss of hair. Curry leaved for hair has been used for centuries by Indian women, who can boast having really beautiful hair – it is hard not to notice such things. The recipes are different but the most popular one is to boil curry leaves in coconut butter. Application of this mixture on a regular basis improves hair condition and makes them stronger as well as brighter. It is also believed to be able to restore hair color. Another recipe is to mix grinded curry leaves with either yoghurt or buttermilk and apply on hair at least once a week. This is a recipe for grey hair appearance prevention.

Nowadays it is not a problem to by curry leaves at all. Asian products and traditions are very popular and therefore there are a lot of Indian or Chinese products on the market and they are broadly available. If you have problems with this aspect of your appearance, you should consider trying curry leaves for hair. You will not be disappointed.

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