In Case You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that every person in the U.S. should have nowadays in order to get medical health. However, due to a great number of reasons a lot of people cannot afford it. Frequently a person who lost their job find themselves in this situation. The same can be said about people who work on low income jobs as well as many other people.

The thing about having no health insurance is that these people are unable to go to a doctor in case they fall sick and very frequently it is fraught with very serious consequences. However, there are still options for such people. Everyone has a right to get medical help even if they do not have health insurance. The thing is that such people will have to seek for other options.

As long as you do not have health insurance you are likely to pay huge bills for the appointments and treatment. However, it is possible to alleviate the situation a little by applying for the assistance of HealthCare Advocates. This is a special group that can help you in settling your affairs with a doctor’s office. It is in their power to negotiate the reduction of your bills or arrange the repayment plan somehow that it will be less feasible for you.

One more option for people who do not have health insurance is to apply for the health of free health clinics. They offer assistance and medical care for pregnant women and kids as well as provide vaccinations and treatment for certain illnesses. Such institutions presuppose that a patient’s income is a base that all the fees are decided upon.

For people who has lost their job recently and their coverage as well there is an option – Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA. It is a special plan that allows former employers to be covered by health insurance of the ex-employer for some period of time. It also spreads on all the dependants. COBRA is also an option for young adults over 18 who still need to stay under their parents’ coverage.

It is pretty problematic to buy any prescription drugs in case you do not have health insurance. However, there is an option here as well. There is a special plan – the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) – that assists people without coverage in getting prescription drugs. The same things offer such organizations as RxAssist, HealthWell Foundation, and The Access Project. They help to get medications either free or at very low costs.

There is also one more option – you can buy insurance for yourself and your kids. One of the most popular health insurance programs for families with low income as well as kids and the handicapped is Medicaid. It is also an option for pregnant women. Every state has got this program; however, they may vary in different states.

Health insurance for kids is very important that is why you should consider having one for your children even if you do not have your own. There is a special plan – SCHIP plan (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) that aims at helping kinds from families with low income. This plan also may vary in different states.

There is also such a service as DPC, or direct primary care. It presupposes fixed monthly payments that allow a person to get medical help when necessary. This may help with minor cases and illnesses but will be of little assistance with the cases of surgery.

Eventually, you can find the cheapest coverage plan possible. Surely enough, it is going to cost you and perhaps, more than you expect. But the thing is that it is better to be sure that you have somewhere to go and get help, if you appear in need of it.

The last recommendation is to consider all your earnings and expenditures and find a way to pay for your medical coverage. In the state you live a hospitalization without medical coverage will cost you a fortune and perhaps, it is better to think about such things in advance than afterwards. There are a lot of cases that ended up with huge indebtedness and this is not what you need.

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