How to Walk with a Cane

The first association with a cane is that perhaps a person has got an injury that does not allow him or her to walk without a support. Surely enough there are people who use canes as a fashionable accessory. In the 19th century a cane was an obligatory part of a gentleman’s outfit as well as a top hat. However, nowadays it is rarely used as time has introduced new fashion trends.

A cane is an accessory of a person who has got problems with walking and needs some kind of support. It might seem simple but the question how to walk with a cane is not an idle one. A cane is presupposed to help a person to distribute bodily weight evenly so that it was easier to walk especially if one leg hurts. In general, canes are also used in hikes and long walks.

Canes are presupposed to be used for people who have got one of their legs either injured or operated. In case both legs are affected, there will be little use in a cane and clutches are prescribed, or rather a wheelchair.

There are a lot of different canes available nowadays in pharmacies and stores. Everyone can choose a cane according to his taste. Besides, they can be regulated in order to suit a person in length. In the answer to the question “how to walk with a cane” one thing is essential – a cane should be just fit for the person. It should neither be too short or too long; otherwise it will not alleviate the process of walking but rather will make it even harder. A person should feel comfortable when he or she holds a cane and not bend forward or bend his elbows too much.

If you have your leg injured, you’d better learn how to walk with a cane faster because as soon as you do, you will really appreciate the support. A cane helps to alleviate painful sensations by shifting the weight form an injured leg to a cane. That is why it is essential to choose a cane that will meet the requirements of the person in the way that it will be of help and not create the necessity of additional effort and evoke pain. There are certain instructions on how to walk with a cane and a person after an operation will need to get acquainted with them. Not all people know that one should hold a cane to the opposite side of the injured leg in order to alleviate the pressure and ease the effort in the latter. In sports and walking for fun and travels one can hold a cane however he feels like doing.

How to walk with a cane is not an easy question for those who never used one. A person needs to put a cane in front every time he makes a step with an affected leg. It is recommended to hold a cane a little in the front – this will help in supporting the weight of the body. Next, an affected leg should be lifted slowly to make a step. Make sure you move a cane together as it is supposed to help making a right step and avoid pain.

However, knowing how to walk with a cane is not always enough. It is also necessary to know how to climb stairs. Not everywhere a person with an injured leg can use an elevator and in the majority of cases the ability to climb the steps is essential to be able to move around. That is why simple tips on the account should be taken into consideration. In case you want to go upstairs, you should put a healthy leg on the step above. This helps to shift the majority of body weight from the injured leg. Next, an injured leg together with a cane should be also places on the step. In case you descend, start with an injured leg and a cane first, and then move the healthy leg.

Besides the information on how to walk with a cane it is useful to keep in mind some tips about the cane. First of all, it is important to place a cane perpendicular to the floor every time you want to make a step. This will guarantee that you will not lose your balance and also that will not slip. Again, it has already been mentioned, it is important to choose a cane of the right size and height. Take care of your cane and make sure it is in a good state. It is advised to start walking with your healthy leg.

It is not a very difficult task to walk with a cane; however, it might require a little practice.


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