Fatigue: immune system strengthened after running

Running strengthens the immune system generally. But directly after training the immune system is weakened and you can easily catch a cold.

Immediately after running, we are particularly sensitive to virus attacks. The immune system after a training session (and even if it’s only a short one) temporarily weakens. Thus, the runner temporarily (to regeneration) are more vulnerable than usual

Especially in the transitional seasons like autumn and spring claimed the changeover to the new season body and immune system further.

Respiratory tract infections are usually on a contagion through the spread of viruses. It is important that the infections immediately after loading under the effect of stress hormones is at its highest. Especially after long endurance runs or run competitions shows up to six times increased infections.

Protect yourself with immunofit per-colostrum VitalBits during and immediately after running: For more than 20 years Scandinavians rely on the old House Appropriations Pro Colostrum to protect the respiratory tract and to reduce infections in cold periods. They chew or suck immunofit Pro Colostrum VitalBits (chewable) during and especially after training. The reason: So that the airways with bio-available immunoglobulins supplies, which are capable of the infections to reduce.

The experience even show that there are also signs of irritation in the mouth and throat area suffices to about 20 immunofit VitalBits distributed throughout the day to suck, to the irritation in a natural way without risks and side effects or to reduce awareness.

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