What Causes Freckles?

It is more common for people with light skin to have freckles. And although, it may look endearing, a bearer is not always that happy. It is also very natural for people to develop freckles in case they stay on the sun for long periods of time. The most common thing to see is red- headed people with light skin and freckles. There are several factors that are the answer to the question -what causes freckles- and they are actually inheritance, solar effect and also problems with liver.

Here is more detailed information about what causes freckles. As we all well aware, our skin has got an epidermis layer and it consists of the cells of two types. They are keratinocytes and melanocytes. The former represents an outer protective layer and the latter is responsible for skin pigmentation. The complexion we have depends on the melanin concentration. It is sends in different doses from melanocytes to keratinocytes in order to protect our skin form sunrays. Sometimes a person with fair complexion gets overexposed to the radiation. This leads to the melanocytes getting imbalanced and excess of melanin on the surface of the skin. This is exactly what causes freckles in many cases.

Solar radiation causes summer freckles. However, there are other freckles also. They are called cold or summer freckles and appear as a result of some health condition. It is also very characteristic for the summer freckles to be flat and lens shaped. Winter freckles are generally darker and they are mostly found in the areas of the mouth and forehead.

It is also very important to learn while speaking about what causes freckles that the latter can be an indication that a person has got a risk of having skin cancer. However, this is not a rule and a lot of people without freckles get affected with the condition.

It is necessary to know what causes freckles in every individual case, provided that a person wants to get rid of this feature. There are a lot of different techniques and methods to remove freckles from the skin. They differ in the level of complexity and price as well as safety.

The best treatment that is recommended by the majority of the dermatologists is the method that presupposes the removal of top skin layer. However, it is better to prevent the condition instead of treating it afterwards. For these purposes there are a lot of different sunscreens and lotions that prevent harmful effect of the sun and its ultraviolet rays.

Horseradish juice can also be used in the purposes of freckle removal. It whiteness the appearance of the skin, if applied on a regular basis. The same effect is produced by sour or butter milk. Lemon juice has long been known for its skin lightening effects. That is why it is recommended as a natural freckle removal by all the dermatologists.

Now when you know what causes freckles, you should be careful in summer and not expose your skin to the sun for too much time. Hats and long sleeves are recommended especially for those people who have got light and tender skin. This will not only keep away freckles but also protect from the worse consequences. Do not forget that our skin is the best protection that we have for our organism and that is it essential to take care of it. Freckles may be nice and even a fashionable feature but excessive sun is no good. Make sure you take care of your skin properly.

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