How To Beat a Cold: Common Symptoms and Best Remedy

Unluckily flu season affects us every year. On average adults have 2-4 colds per year; in particular in the period between September and May, colds in summer are quite rare. Children can have 6-8 colds during a year. However, flu is a type of cold with regular occurrence during the year for most people, especially in winter. If you failed to restrain from the flu, you will have to manage the symptoms.

Often it is difficult to avoid catching a cold or the flu, that’s why some treatment tips will be helpful.

  • Ibuprofen helps to cope with a headache, fever and other cold symptoms. Acetaminopen is friendlier to the stomach then ibuprofen.
  • Avoid antibiotics because they can kill only bacteria, not viruses responsible for the flu.
  • Smoking worsens the condition, so stay away from it.
  • Sore throat can be treated with warm salt water gargling and using cough drops.
  • Maintain the proper humidity level in your bedroom, and take hot showers. This will clear your stuffed nose.
  • If your nose is red and raw, you need to rub the ointment on the area. Special lotions and creams with natural components.

Prevent potential complications

The flu is a rather uncomfortable condition, which can stay for quite a time. On average healthy adults need 3-4 days to see slight progress, and nearly 10 days to recover fully. However if the flu or cold doesn’t clear up, this might be a more severe condition. Consult with the doctor if you have any of the common flu signs indicated below:

  • serious cold symptoms
  • extremely high fever
  • pain in ears
  • coughing that is worsening while other symptoms enhance
  • asthma flare-up and other lung problems.

The Best Flu Remedy

The best option to beat a cold is old remedies that really work. Chicken soup is an old remedy for a cold and flu. It includes substances which reduce the symptoms of infections in the upper respiratory tract. Chicken soup fights cold blocking the neutrophils, white blood cells which eat cellular debris and bacteria. Neutrophils are produced in large amounts by cold and other viral infections.

It is advisable to add pepper to your chicken soup to clear a stuffed up nose. It is better to eat homemade soup than canned chicken soup, as it includes fresh chicken.

Next time a cold or flu affects you, get enough sleep and plenty of rest, use over-the-counter medications to alleviate the symptoms, and drink plenty of water.

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