Heart Attack Symptoms in Men

Heart attack is a condition when a blood clot in the artery interferes with the blood flow. As a result heart muscle gets damaged and this leads to chest pain. Besides, heart muscle tissue becomes instable and that is why the other name for the condition is myocardial infarction. This means that the heart muscle – myocardium – dies or gets damaged because of the oxygen deficiency. Heart attack symptoms in men can be fraught with pretty bad complications and even be lethal. However, it is essential to know the signs of the condition.

In earlier years a lot of people died because of heart attacks as people did not know how to react. Death rate was pretty high and it was hard to do anything to prevent it. However, with the advancements in medicine and awareness of people the whole thing has become much more promising. It is possible to save a person’s life with the help of cardiopulmonary resuscitation if it is administered within five minutes of an attack. However, in order not to waste precious time, one should know heart attack symptoms in men. This helps to act promptly and in a right way.

Heart attack symptoms manifest before the condition happens. They are pretty eloquent; however, a lot of men tend to ignore them. It is pretty common for men in general not to pay attention to their health until something serious happens. Here are some of the heart attack symptoms in men.

Among all the common heart attack symptoms one is the most prominent ? it is chest pain. It feels like a squeezing sensation in the chest and is very uncomfortable. It is not long-lasting; however, it can stay for about several minutes. It is also very characteristic for a person to feel discomfort in general. In case a person starts to experience any of these symptoms, it is necessary not to waste time and call emergency.

Heart attack symptoms in men also include pains in different bodily parts. It is not necessarily only chest but a shoulder or a back, it can actually be any part and because people frequently misinterpret the cause of the pain, they also tend to neglect it. And this neglect is frequently the reason behind so many fatal endings.

Shortness of breath is also very characteristic symptom that goes before a heart attack. This condition happens when blood flow is too slow and is unable to bring enough oxygen to the heart muscle.

People with heart problems tend to sweat a lot. Impending heart attack is frequently signed by this symptom, which is also very often underestimated and misinterpreted. It is better to be overly careful that negligent as a life of a person can depend on it.

Fainting should also not go unnoticed, especially if it is not exactly characteristic for a person. Losing conscious is never really a good sign. Actually, if this happens once, a medical checkup is recommended; however, if it is a regular occurrence, it is a reason for a serious worry.

Heart attack can also be preceded by nausea and vomiting. These two symptoms can be met in other conditions as well; however, they should never be neglected and especially if it is accompanied with blood. In this case it is essential not to waste any time as this is a direct indication that heart attack is going to happen.

Heart attack symptoms in men can be different; however, there are always things that resemble. As it has been aforementioned, chest pain and discomfort are the first ones. Sometimes chest pain may be really very bad. It is crucial to take necessary measures in order to help a person in time. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) should be called immediately as they have got all the necessary equipment that can save life to a person.

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