Scientists Claim Stubborn Kids Are More Likely to Become Successful

Raising a gifted child is surely an exciting and interesting experience. But this may also be quite stressful, exhausting and require lots of energy and patience. Due to the spirit that such children have, they have all chances to become a successful adult in their future life. However, are you sure your kid is a genius and not just a spoiled brat? Both of them demand hard work from their parents but have an absolutely opposite meaning, which we are going to find out today.

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Signs your child is gifted

Firstly, ask yourself a very simple question ‘Does my child demand more than he/she already has?’ If your answer is ‘Yes’, then this might be the first sign your kid is gifted. Because of the tendency to be demanding, such children always wish for things and want them the moment they asked for them. That is because spirited children often want things that are better than the ones they already have and when you tell them to be more patient, it is very difficult for them to stay still and cope with their passion for something they want so badly. This is one of the causes of parents’ stress and tiredness, both of which can be dealt with pretty easily by using some special resolving-stress techniques. You don’t have to be frustrated if sometimes they act a bit too immature or impatient because gifted children often have high expectations, which is likely to continue appearing in their heads when they are adults.

Secondly, genius children are pretty often leader-type kids. They act like independent humans, are stubborn and passionate and always have this strong determination inside them when they try to achieve something, even if it is a simple test, exam or just a home work. It is a well-known fact that such people always attract attention to themselves. Due to their character, even older people can’t help admiring them. One of the problems about such kids is that although they might have all this knowledge and power inside of them, they aren’t grown-ups and still need other people’s help. Their parents can feel down because of an additional pressure put on them. That’s why it is not bad to ask for an advice even if you’re much older than your kid because both of you are still learning how to live and be who you are.

And thirdly, gifted children are often very sensitive. If they are having a hard time, they may feel really low and while having the time of their lives they feel so uplifting that they don’t think they will experience such time and feelings ever again! In cases like this they really need to have someone like their parents to help and teach them how to be emotionally-intelligent. As you can see, having a genius child isn’t all about grades, school or the level of their IQ.

How your kid might become rich and successful in future

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Several years ago the study about our topic was published in the US National Library of Medicine. Scientists picked children 8 to 12 years old that had non-cognitive personality traits (such as entitlement or academic conscientiousness) and ‘checked’ them 4 years later. Despite how shocking it was, but breaking the rules behavior turned out to be one of the best predictor of successfulness when they are already adults.

There wasn’t included any explanation why this happened (and still happens) but there may be one way to explain it. Children who always want the best and break rules because they can’t accept the fact that they have to do something they don’t (or even hate) want to do only means they are going to be very demanding in the future. And it is a very good thing when people are for example locked in salary negotiations or are being bullied by someone.

The problem is that sometimes parents get confused when their child starts acting like an adult or an adult-like person. There isn’t one particular way to raise your child perfectly because it isn’t homework, after all. But there are things that even a stubborn and an independent child should be taught about. And the one who must do it is nobody but their parents. One of the things they should remember is that it is okay to make mistakes and learn slowly, just like their children do. Another one is that they should always be careful and think before saying something to their child.


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All in all, raising a child isn’t simple at all. Whether your kid likes Math, astrology or drawing, it will surely be a very hard and exhausting time for you. But by reconsidering things which already happened and caused your family either damage or  benefit, being patient with your child and not giving up on being strong and willing to learn how to become better, there is no way you will fail. Because in the end all parents always work hard and sometimes even sacrifice things while raising their children. The thing that both parents and kids should have is strength to be patient and respectful to each other. Let both of you be who you are and teach each other. Good luck!


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