Is Diet Rich with Soy Better for Post-menopausal Women’s Bone Health?

All diets and food cultures have their own benefits and disadvantages with absolutely different effects on our body’s health. Bone health may be one of the most important one that you should be looking after. Especially, if you are a woman who has already gone through menopausal period and are trying to cope with the new way your body works now. Well, if it is so, today you are likely to find several facts about soy’s impact on your body pretty interesting and useful.

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How to deal with post-menopausal period?

Both weight gain and decreased physical activity are the things most of women experience after going through menopausal period. No woman can avoid menopause but dealing with it doesn’t feel like a natural thing at all. It fact, it effects women’s physical health as much as it does for the mental. Many women think people should be aware of what they must cope with while and after menopausal period because very often it puts much pressure on their friends, family and others as well.

However, taking care and listening to women who have already gone through it isn’t any less important. Sleeping regularly, exercising (as much as they want), receiving enough vitamins and following a balanced diet plan are just a small part of the many things post-menopausal women have to do to take care of their health.

Getting moody may sometimes annoy their family or friends but there are times when they just don’t know what their wife, daughter, friend or mother is going through. This shouldn’t be a reason for senseless arguments or fights. Just being aware of the fact that menopause can lead to many different problems or cause unexpectable situations is already enough to make your close person feel better and happier.

Soy’s effects on woman body

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Soybeans are a wonderful source of bone-healthy nutrients. And because the bony skeleton is a concentrated source of minerals, soy-based products are better than dairy foods. Despite even the fact that the concentration of Ca in soy milk is much less than in for example cow milk, soy-based milk has comparable levels of various nutrients which are very important for women in their post-menopausal period’s health.

Pamela Hinton, professor of nutrition and exercise physiology says, ‘The findings suggest that all women might see improved bone strength by adding some soy-based foods, such as tofu and soy milk, to their diet. We also believe that diets rich with soy can improve metabolic function for postmenopausal women’.

The study which was held by her and several other people clearly showed that the soy-based diet can improve women’s health. The authors also suggest that women don’t have to eat as much as they are told to by diets’ authors or some trendy sites. ‘Simply adding some tofu or other kind of soy is already enough to help strengthen your bones,’ say scientists.


If you are going through post-menopausal period, you should be getting regular check-ups to be absolutely sure everything is okay and your symptoms won’t get worse than they already are. Trying adding some variety to your diet such as some soy-based products which will only bring you a lot of essential vitamins, calcium and protein. Considering what incredible effect it can cause, it is surely worth trying, isn’t it?

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