Husband or Children: Who Stresses Out Women More?

Have you heard a joke about a husband being an extra child that doubles the stress of the woman? In fact, it is not a joke, but a reality.

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Over 45% women, who participated in the survey by Today, confirmed that a 7-year-old child can be stressful, but not more than a 35-year-old man behaving as a 7-year-old kid.

Over 7,000 American women participated in the study, the results of which showed that the stress level of a wife and a mom is rather high, reaching on average 8.5 points out of 10. What’s the reason? Everyday worries, lack of time for important issues, and an inability to devote some time to self-development trigger female stress along with the necessity of household duties.

Top Causes of Stress for Woman

Irrespective of children and husband being the key sources of anger, annoyance and irritation, it is possible to specify some factors that contribute greatly to the condition:

  • Lack of time;
  • Inability to fulfill the required tasks;
  • No opportunities for self-expression and development;
  • Parenting and household duties;
  • Lack of help.

These are the things that can make a woman worn out, wean her off the desire to stay active and complete all the tasks. What’s the role of a husband here? Right, over 75% of women claimed that the only thing their hubbies did after work was relaxing. Instead of helping their wives with household duties, taking care of children or simple cooking dinner, they turn on the TV and rest.

Moreover, a considerable number of women reported that the behavior of their husbands frequently became the core of stress. Acting like overgrown kids, they provoke females adding to the already high stress level. Instead of getting the required support and help, a woman receives extra responsibilities and tasks.

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How to Deal with Daily Stress You Experience?

Staying in the constant state of stress is not a good thing, both for psychological and physical health. Practicing resolving stress techniques can serve a great solution here. However, they may be ineffective in case stress is too deep and long-lasting. Following the previously mentioned research, the stress level plays a drastic role in the life within and after the marriage, interfering with the health condition and overall life longevity. An interesting fact is that when a woman passes away, the health of husbands rapidly decreases and aggravates. Contrary, the moment a wife loses her beloved husband, she shows significant improvements in the stress level and becomes generally healthier.

The only possible explanation of such a tendency is the fact that men rely more on their partners. As a result, when a woman passes away, a man has to learn to do everything on his own without any assistance. Thus, the stress level increases and health deteriorates. The situation is completely the opposite with females.

Anyway, irrespective of the tendencies, being a husband and a wife, father and mother is a full-time job that should be done responsibly. Reducing stress remains the key to successful marriage and parenting. Discuss the situation with your husband and find possible solutions.

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