Infant Eczema Research

If you see, that your child whimpers, his skin is flaked and he is crying of itchiness, you should ask for advice, because it may be infant eczema. This illness is typical for infants till the age of 5, and sometimes even babies from 2 to 6 months may suffer from it. Particularly, children with extra sensitive or dry skin are subject to it and require more serious care.

Scratching of the affected areas normally leads to breaking of the skin thus spreading the infections. Topical steroid ointments are normally prescribed to cure itching and inflammation. However, the strength of this steroid will depend on the intensity of the infant eczema and also the age of the child.

Your child may experience disgusting itchiness and scratching, in this way you can help him by using mild moisturizers on aching places. There are some others ways, which protect your baby from eczema. Such as: forget about synthetic clothes, never, only natural ones, like cotton, try to use Luke warm water while washing them, provide their rooms with fresh air and appropriate temperature. Despite your attachments and interests avoid pets, dry their skin with a soft towel after bathing them.

As I’ve already said you are necessary to remember the following; never use woolen or synthetic blanket, covering their hands with socks or mittens to avoid scratching, when you wash their clothes, only mild detergents are acceptable, forget about any kind of talcum powder for them.

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