Fed up with a Nasty Pimple on Lip?

Pimples are specific ache types that develop in the result of sebaceous glands blockage. It is especially frequent when a person has got oily skin. The main areas that are more prone to be affected by pimples are face and back as well as shoulders.

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It is no news that pimple on lip is something pretty annoying and painful. The fact that it is exactly on the place that is hard to hide anyway make the whole thing even worse. In case you try to squeeze it, you are likely to damage the skin around and aggravate the condition even more. The best thing to do is to know how to handle this pimple on lip in order to get rid of it faster.


As it has been aforementioned, pimples appear in the result of clogging of pores of skin. Pimple on lip is exactly the accumulation of oil under the obstruction. Due to the bacteria that appear in these follicles, inflammation develops and this is what we get – unpleasant and painful pimples.

It is very characteristic that pimple on lip, or rather pimples in plural and also in different parts of the body are so frequent in the period of adolescence. This is the time when male hormonal levels increase. However, there are a lot of people who also tend to experience the outbreak again in much senior age, somewhere around 40 even.

Pimple on lip can be very tempting for one to squeeze and get rid of it at once. However, this exactly should be avoided. Squeezing can aggravate the condition with the further spread of the bacteria and you will get more pimples instead of less. This is definitely not what you want, right? That is why it is important not to forget several simple tips.

What to Do

First and foremost is not to touch a pimple on lip without necessity. It should heal on its own and without any outside help. Next, it is essential to use a cleanser for the lips. You will need a clean washcloth that will be applied only for the area where the pimple is and not appear in the mouth. Soap that contains glycerin is very much recommended for these purposes. It is in general a pretty good thing for people with oily skin.

In order to prevent the development of a pimple on lip it is recommended to apply for the skin exfoliation procedure on a regular basis. It will help to keep off the dirt and prevent pores- blockage as well as protect your skin. However, make sure to choose the best fitting product for your skin.

Pimple on lip can be pretty painful and in this case ice cubes can be of help. They will sooth the pain and in general alleviate the symptoms. Apply them for about 5 minutes to the affected area.

Useful Tips

The period when you have pimple on lip can be a hard trial for some women as it is not recommended to use any lip glosses or lipsticks in order not to spread the infection further and also in order to prevent even worse blockage of the pores.

As it has already been said, any popping or squeezing should be avoided in order to let a pimple on lip to recover on its own soon. Healthy diet is also recommended. In case there is no improvement, it might be the symptom of some more serious condition and in this case it is better to go and check with a doctor.

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