Headache In Back of Head

Headaches are perhaps the most widely spread sickness experienced by people. Generally, it can be treated easily by taking an aspirin or by having a rest. Actually, not all types of headaches may be cured easily. For example, headache in back of head belongs to the tension headache signs and it is not so easily cured.

The causes of headaches are not fully revealed yet. In fact, headaches can be divided into 3 main categories, migraine, cluster headache and mainly tension. Sometimes numerous symptoms appear which makes it difficult to identify the category.

Headache in back of head is often called tension headache. It is known as muscle contraction or stress headache. Many people experience tension headache, especially if an individual feels stressed, fatigue or if he or she lacks sleep.

Generally headache in back of head appears after a stressful situation has come to an end. Mild, dull pain is often felt in the temple, forehead, and there is headache in back of head.

The sufferers feel tightness in the neck and head. Unfortunately the cause of headache in back of head remains unknown. It might be caused by insufficient blood flow or muscle tension.

In fact, tension headaches may appear if you stay in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Incorrect posture can stiffen the muscle triggering the correspondent receptors and causing headache in back of head.

Migraine is the second kind of headaches. The word “migraine” actually means half a skull, which explains the nature of migraine – headache in back of head and only on one side of the head.

As a matter of fact migraines are more painful than tension headache. Often it is associated with vomiting and nausea.

Cluster headache can affect a certain group of muscles. It normally lasts for several hours, or even days, weeks and months. The sufferer can feel free from pain for a few months and then the pain returns.

Actually migraine and cluster headache are very similar; they can be easily mistreated. Both types of headache strike on just one side and very often a patient can suffer from headache in back of head.

However, cluster headache causes piercing and steady pain. It often appears at night and in the morning. The pain is usually felt around a temple or an eye.

To sum it up, tension headache is the easiest form of headache which is often expressed just as pain in back of head. Unlike other types of headache it does not affect your activities and lifestyle.

People suffering from cluster headache or migraine should be very careful as these disorders are very severe and can cause further difficulties.

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