Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract surgery is nowadays an operation that allows the majority of patients go home the same day.

It is at the present moment one of the less risky eye surgeries and is short and harmless. It presupposes the replacement of a faulty eye lens with an artificial one, which is plastic and therefore, cannot be rejected or whatever.

It is normal for a cataract patient to wear a patch during the next day but all in all next day he or she is able to return to normal life. In the majority of cases eye drops are prescribed as well as rest. It is necessary to wear dark sunglasses for some period of time in order to avoid harm. Generally, a doctor decides how much time a patient will need after cataract surgery recovery to get back to normal depending on the individual characteristics and particulars of the case.

Every cataract patient gets an instruction where all the recommendations and contraindications are written. It is a complete description of what is to be expected in a short-term and a long-term periods and what complications can be expected. Every patient has to be checked on the next day as well as after several weeks pass. This instruction will make it easier for a patient to understand what to expect and what not to be scared of.

There are certain aspects of cataract surgery recovery.

In the period of the first 24 hours a person should be taken care of. It means that he or she should be taken back at home and that all the needs of a person were met. As the vision is blurred and a person is unable to use the eyes to the full extent, it is necessary that a person does not even try it. Halos around objects are a normal thing as well as the feelings of pressure and burning sensations in some cases. However, in the majority of cases cataract surgery recovery is painless and pretty smooth. Many patients do not suffer from any complications or the like. It is common to get rid of all the discomfort in a day or two after the operation. One of the most common after effects of cataract surgery recovery is a scratchy sensation in the eyes. It is recommended not to load eyes in the following period and avoid driving and similar activities; although, many people start doing it very soon.

Generally all the patients get the instructions about eye drops and all the further care procedures for the eyes. Gentle cleaning is advised as well as wearing patches during sleep. It is necessary to avoid pressure and bright light as well as unnecessary rubbing and touching.

The first week after cataract surgery is the time for adjustment. During this time it is recommended to wear patch at night and be very careful with the light. However, it is pretty normal for the eyes to be overly sensitive for the light. If you want to rub your eyes, do not do it. The irritation will pass soon, but rubbing can be fraught with complications. It is also not recommended to let water appear in the eyes that is why swimming, bathing and any water sports are better to be avoided.

Cataract surgery recovery period does not presuppose any active or extreme sports as well as anything that will increase pressure in the eye. It is necessary to make your walks slow and work about the house only to the extent that a person does not become tired. After a week the improvements in vision are so that it is frequently possible for a person to go back to work.

In the majority of cases cataract surgery recovery is full by the end of the month, unless any complications occur. Some people still may need eye drops but in general vision gets back to normal and a person does not feel restricted or limited anyhow. All the patients have to undergo a check-up a month later in order to make sure that recovery is going on well.

Complications are pretty rare in case of such a surgery, which makes it very safe and effective and help a lot of people to live a better life.

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