How to Reduce Anxiety in 8 Minutes

A study led by David Lewis-Hodgson states that Marconi Union’s song called ‘Weightless’ has one of the most relaxing melodies in the history of anxiety-reducing songs. It is also considered as the song which can be 11% more effective than others that were also used in the experiment. Thus, today we are going to talk about how helpful or not it can be for people who struggle from stress or even anxiety.

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How was ‘Weightless’ made?

If you have ever listened to this song, you certainly know that Marconi Union used many specific tones, rhythms and intervals to make their song sound relaxing and chilling. The fact that the trio worked not only on the art but also on the scientific part of it, is the reason why the song makes people feel calmed down and reduces the level of their anxiety or stress. Also, if you have anxiety and want to get rid of it, there are plenty of ways to deal with such as using natural anxiety therapy.

A few another experiments (such as the one led by Dr. David Lewis from UK) proved that ‘Weightless’ can be even more useful for stressed people than many of Mozart, Adele or Coldplay’s songs. It is due to the effect of the sounds in song that makes its listeners associate it with their own emotions. If you are interested in other songs like this we recommend you to listen to the playlist of songs made especially for people who deal with stress.

How do you do ‘song therapy’?

Unfortunately, not everyone’s mental health is the same as others and each person has specific ways to reduce stress or even just calm down. Some people count to ten with their eyes closed, some like to meditate for half an hour and others try to forget about their stress by eating food or drinking alcohol. But, actually, there are several ways which can fit almost everybody.

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For example a special breathing exercise that can ‘breathe your stress out’ or listening to your playlist of chilling songs for an hour while concentrating on your breath, the movements that your belly and chest make while you breathe or the sounds of wind behind your window. All these things can not only make you refreshed but make you more focused and concentrated (both of which are useful for your work or studying) as well.

Probable disadvantages

It is a well-known fact that most of the calming songs are made in a repetitive way, so that it can work just like a relaxing hypnosis. However, such technique can cause people even more stress or make them think to try to predict when a particular song’s part will repeat again, again and again.

Well, Marconi Union’s ‘Weightless’ isn’t like that at all. The whole melody is unique and is designed in a ‘surprising mod’ way, so when people listen to it, they can’t predict what tone or rhythm will come next.

Because of how effective this song is, both scientists and doctors always remind people not to listen to it while they are driving their cars or even riding bicycles – it can cause some unexpectable consequences.


All in all, Marconi Union’s song is very popular nowadays. It is not just a plain melody that people listen to for fun or while reading books. ‘Weightless’ is considered a new serious effective technique which helps many people who struggle from anxiety or daily stress every day. It has its own pros and cons and you shouldn’t listen to it if the activity that you are doing requires high concentration and attention. But if you are now lying in your bed or resting after hard day, we recommend you to listen to it and see what it can make to your mental health in just eight minutes!

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