Frequent Urination Causes in Women

Frequent urination or urgent urination is the need of urinating more often than the usual. The normal urination of a person is 4-8 times in a day and doctors term it frequent urination when you need to urinate after two hours or more. The bladder can hold up to 600ml of urine and but the need of urination starts when the bladder contains 150 ml urine. Diseases, infections, and lifestyle influence the urinary system.

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Causes of Frequent Urination

Here are the major causes of frequent urination in women and necessary to address all these causes seriously to prevent further complication.

Urinary Tract Infection:

A urinary tract infection is a major cause of frequent urination. The infection starts when bacteria enter in bacteria and affect the urethra. Research report confirms that 50 to 60 percent of women face this problem before the age of 24. The short size of urethra increases the chances of infection in women as compared to men where the bacteria have to travel before to infect the urinary tract. Sexual intercourse, improper use of the toilet, and the use of antibiotics are the major reasons of urinary tract infection.

Overactive Bladder:

Overactive bladder is another cause of frequent urination. The symptoms of overactive bladder include loss of bladder control, nocturia, and muscles contraction. Excess body weight triggers overactive bladder problem while body injuries and oestrogen deficiency are some other major reasons of overactive bladder. Injuries and muscles affecting conditions also increase the chances of overactive bladder. The risks of the disease are higher among those women who take drugs, caffeine, and alcohol.


Frequent urination is the indication of diabetes. In type 1 and type 2, the body wants to get rid of excess glucose and excretes it through urine. Diabetic patients also feel face difficulties in urination as the disease affects bladder’s functionality and decreases its control.


The weight on the bladder increases during pregnancy and it leads to less control on the bladder. Childbirth also damages urethra and causes frequent urination. Hormonal changes and increasing uterus also give a feel of a full bladder.

Use of Alcohol and Caffeine:

Alcohol is diuretic in nature and eliminates excess water from the body. Hydroxyl bond present in alcohol readily reacts with water present in the body and causes more frequent urination. Caffeine and soft drinks irritate the bladder and support bacteria activity.

Minor Causes:

  1. Bladder tumours take up space in the bladder and make the person feel the need to empty it.
  2. Interstitial cystitis condition causes pain in pelvis and legs and affects the over functionality of bladder.
  3. High blood pressure and excessive use of liquids are some other cause frequent urination.
  4. Prostrate problems irritate the bladder walls and press it against urethra.

The treatment of frequent urination depends on the respective cause. Antibiotics are suggested for the treatment of infections while different muscle exercises are suggested to restore control on the bladder. Immediate treatment is the only way to get rid of it as negligence triggers severe consequences.

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