30 Minutes of Joy: Outdoor Bodyweight Exercises for Ladies

Toning your body does not necessarily mean that you have to sweat every day and spend hundreds of dollars on the gym nearby. You do not actually need any equipment: your body weight can be enough, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. Here is a program for busy ladies: 30 minutes of outdoor bodyweight exercises 3 times a week!

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So you have finally decided to dedicate at least some time to exercising–such a comforting thought for the thighs!–and cannot help thinking about the challenge.

Before you set out on a journey to becoming fit and strong, you should do the following:

  • Make sure you are healthy–well, at least relatively. If your ankles have been aching for the past months, consulting a doctor prior to plunging in the world of squats and push-ups is a must; otherwise your symptoms may exacerbate.
  • Make sure you have loose clothes for working out. Jeans won’t do, as they do not stretch. Consider buying yoga pants, if don’t have it already. A cotton T-shirt and comfortable pants that do not prevent you from moving freely are essential parts of any fitness arsenal. You don’t want to struggle trying to hide your sweaty armpits that synthetic clothes betray, do you?
  • Sneakers are another thing to add to your fitness bag. Other shoes may be too slippery, thus increasing your risk of injuries.


You are almost ready. Before you start exercising, read this article – it can help you prevent exercise-induced nausea. Don’t be afraid if sickness strikes shortly after exercising or in the course of it: mild symptoms are common among beginners, and you can try to prevent such situations by following the advice provided in the article, such as avoiding dehydration and eating before exercising.


Go to a nearby park where no cyclists or dogs can reach you. (Woof – is that what you call a down dog?!)

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Since we aim at 30 minutes of training tree times a week, it is reasonable to repeat the series of exercises listed below 10 rounds. If you are new to fitness, start with one round, then rest for several minutes, and repeat it twice more. As you train, the number of rounds should reach the mark of 8-10.

#1. Clap Jacks

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A fun way to start your fitness session, clap jacks are beneficial to heart and help you warm up. Stand with your feet no less than shoulder-width apart (if it is comfortable, it can be even wider), and arms in the T-position. Keep your arms at shoulder level, even when moving. Jump and clap simultaneously; your arms should remain straight. When jumping feet together, make sure your arms are not too low or high. Jump back and repeat for 30 seconds.

#2. Side plank

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A really good exercise, side plank is used in yoga and other fitness programs as a means of strengthening core, back, arm muscles and other areas. It is also good at treating scoliosis! Spend 30 to 60 seconds on this one, each side.

#3. Standing leg raise

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Stand straight. Raise your right leg and touch your toes with your left hand. Repeat with the other leg. Alternate legs for 30 seconds.

#4. Overhead squats

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Another 30 seconds on this one. Make sure you do not curve your spine too much!

#5. Mountain climbers

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Wake up your inner mountain climber! At least for 30 seconds. This is where non-slippery shoes come in handy–or leggy? (Though other exercises call for them too!)

After you have done all this, rest for a couple of minutes, and repeat up to 10 times. This program does not include any exercises that call for special strength or being an experienced athlete, so beginners are likely to appreciate it too!

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