Vitamins for Hair and Nails

As a matter of fact nails and hair are great indicators of the overall health state. Stress as well as diseases affects your hair, fingernails and skin. Nails and hair can show such symptoms as thinning, brittleness, splitting and breaking when neglected or if the organism undergoes certain pressure conditions. If the body lacks important nutrients, the fingernails and hair show the symptoms.

In fact, nutrition is of high importance for your body. Although fingernails and hair are dead cells, they can serve as an indicator of your health state. Nutrition for the body is derived from the food we take. If the body doesn’t get the necessary nutrients, or if it cannot absorb nutrients you consume, it makes the body use the internal resources. This provokes weakness in the body organs and badly affects the hair, fingernails and skin.

If you want to have healthy nails and hair, you should know that vitamins for hair and nails are something you badly need. It is also essential to eat food which includes such main vitamins as:

  • vitamin A (works to produce healthy sebum, especially in the scalp),
  • vitamin C is a great antioxidant,
  • vitamin E (enhances scalp circulation),
  • Biotin is necessary for healthy Keratin production,
  • Inositol (helps to keep hair follicles healthy),
  • Niacin (stimulates better scalp circulation)
  • pantothenic acid,
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid,
  • vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 prevents hair loss and hair graying.

Vitamin E is known to produce positive effect on the general health and not only skin, fingernails and hair.

Food is the main source of vitamins. What is interesting is that the most frequent food sources of vitamins for hair and nails are: green vegetables, citrus fruits, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, potatoes, cheese, green peppers, soybean, vegetable oils, raw seeds, wheat germ oil, dried beans, eggs, brewer’s yeast, eggs, whole grains, liver, milk, rice, fish, chicken, turkey and red meat. Hair and nails also require other nutrients like minerals and proteins: iron, zinc, calcium, essential fatty acids and magnesium.

There are numerous products available on the market today which are important vitamins for hair and nails. Such products are shampoos, oils, gels, lotions, creams and sprays. Some of them are sold with prescription and some are available over the counter. But in any case it’s a good idea to consult a doctor before using vitamins for hair and nails. These products are also available on the sites and can be bought online.

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