How to Clean Pores

The skin is full of pores that serve as openings. Excessive dust, oil and dirt can be trapped in the pores causing acne and other problems. Cleansing the skin pores helps to rid of oil and impurities and prevents skin problems.

1 – Cleaning

For a thorough cleansing first goes intensive face cleaning. Take cleansing milk or lotion and dip a cotton ball in it. Wipe your face gently to remove the dead cells and dirt. Wash your face with a product suitable for your skin type. Dry the face by patting gently with a towel.

2 – Steaming

For deep cleaning, the pores should be opened. Steaming is used for this purpose. Boil some water and place your face over the bowl, covering the head with a soft towel. Stay under the vessel till the water is still hot. This will open up pores helping to clean the skin.

3 – Exfoliation

Perhaps, the most important part in the program how to clean pores is exfoliation. Unfortunately this stage is often ignored in the process of treating skin. Exfoliation is performed by applying natural scrubs to remove the layers of dirt and dead cells.

4  – Treatments and Masks

Pores can be open by steaming to allow a deep treatment. This concerns blackhead removal using special treatments and masks. Facial masks clean the pores, infusing them with natural components, tighten your skin and restore the luster and shine. When the mask is dried, you should wash your face with warm water and rub it using ice cubes wrapped in a special cloth. Cold will close skin pores thus preventing clogging. It is of crucial importance to close the pores otherwise dirt and dust will trap in again.

5 – Moisturizing and Toning

After the process of face treatment, apply an astringent to close the pores and tone the face. Take a moisturizer and massage gently the face to hydrate the face well.

Together with realizing the strategies of how to clean pores, it?s necessary to avoid some things, for example using non-comedogenic makeup. Stay away from dirt and pollution, wash your make up brushes and follow a cleansing routine. Make sure you wash and clean the face minimum two times a day. Following these tips on how to clean pores you will achieve your goal and your skin will soon become flawless and healthy.

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