Frequent Urination in Men

Although you might have come across information on the internet warning against prostrate cancer if frequent urination occurs, you should know that there are many conditions that can cause this symptom. The condition generally starts gradually, and can be unnoticed at first. It is necessary to make a correct diagnosis as the cause may be very serious.

Frequent urination in men describes a state when a man urinates more frequently than usually, and there is a feeling that the bladder is not totally drained out.

According to the estimates a man urinates six times a day; those with the problem of frequent urination need to go to the bathroom 10 and more times per day. Frequent urination in men does not allow sleeping the whole night without necessity to go to the bathroom.

Let’s discuss common causes of frequent urination in men:

Infections in the urinary tract

As a matter of fact urinary tract infection is the most common cause of frequent urination in men. Bacteria enter the urinary tracts and cause infections. If untreated, the infection spreads causing inflammation in the bladder and urethra which leads to urinary spasms. Such infections are treatable if detected early.

Prostrate Health

Problems with prostrate often provoke frequent urination in men, and cancer is not always the cause. Actually, older men often suffer from an enlarged prostrate. That’s why men older than 40 need to have regular check-ups with the doctor.


Frequent urination in men can be triggered by diabetes. The body tries to remove the excessive blood from sugar. Thus this process leads to extra thirst, the more you drink, the more often you should use the bathroom.

Prescription Drugs

Some medications can cause frequent urination in men. If you urinate more frequently, and you take some prescription drugs, that may be the actual cause. Actually, some medications can make you urinate often. For instance, being a natural diuretic vitamin C in large doses can cause frequent urination.

The conditions described above in the given article are the most common causes of frequent urination in men. Certainly the condition may be triggered by serious bladder problems. That’s why it is so essential to visit your doctor if the symptom persists.

As a matter of fact there is another thing you should take into account. If you drink much alcohol, coffee, tea, or any other liquid, you won’t be able to avoid frequent urination. The only solution is to change your habits.

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