6 Things You Should Learn Before You Turn 30

Most people have plans for their lives, but they do not always come true. By the time you are about to turn thirty, you should already have experienced quite a lot to become a serious person who knows what life is like. Here is what is recommended to be able to do by the day you can blow out thirty candles on your birthday cake.

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#1. Find a job you like

Really, at this stage of your life you should stop working as a cashier at McDonalds and do something that fits your talents and makes you want to improve. Several years have passed since your graduation, and it’s time to make up your mind whether the job you have is right for you. Of course, you can switch to another field of activity even if you are sixty, but it’s better if you do it earlier. Find a job that will be, well, yours.

#2. Stop sharing details of your private life on the Internet

Such conduct is beneath the dignity of a grown-up person. If you have just quarreled with your boyfriend of husband, it is not a story to be shared with millions of other people or even those who swarm your social network account page under the name of friends. An Internet diary is not a place to discuss your couple’s problems: if you cannot settle it yourself, consult a psychologist. Let private things stay private.

#3. Money is not the cornerstone of life

Yes, we all have to pay the bills, replace broken appliances, and buy new clothes as your child is growing rapidly. But it does not mean all you should aspire for is money. Money is a means of not paying attention to wordly things like eating, covering your body with clothes, etc. There are things we have to do to maintain body functioning, and that’s why we need money. Other than that, turning money into a goal is not likely to make you happier. Look at those celebrities – they can buy everything they want, but they can’t stop divorcing every couple of months, are obsessed with selfies, and have a higher risk of ending up in a rehab center.

Be different. Making money is not a challenge in this day and age – it’s changing yourself that is truly difficult. Helping others, for instance, benefits you much more than earning money to buy another trendy iPhone.

#4. Get a driving license

Even if you do not have a car yet, a driving license can turn out to be useful. For example, you can rent a car while travelling, and help your friend drive their car back from the airport. It is a skill most people should have, as it is not that difficult to learn how to drive, and having a driving license can make some aspects of your life more convenient. If your cat falls ill, instead of waiting for a taxi to come, you can go to the vet’s immediately.

#5. Learn how to cook

If boiled potatoes are your best achievement, it’s time to reevaluate your cooking skills. By the age of 30, you are likely to have your own family, and cooking for your husband and children is a must. According to researchers, one of the healthiest diets is Mediterranean, and many Italian and Greek recipes imply you are armed with quite a lot of advanced cooking techniques. Besides, you can cook for guests and avoid buying processed foods. Healthy snacks, hearty lunches and even your own wines – cooking is not as boring as it may seem to be.

#6. Move to your own place

It is convenient to live in an apartment belonging to your parents, as everything is clean and you always have something tasty to eat. However, you cannot learn how to be a responsible grown-up if you delegate all such things to someone else. Bills, buying detergents and toilet paper, everyday dusting, and that sort of things are what can help you learn how to live without having someone to do all the work for you. Move to your own place, but do not forget to help your parents and other relatives.


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