How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

It is possible to whiten teeth without going to any clinic just with the help of home methods. The thing is that all of them have got certain adverse effects that are light but should be taken into consideration. It should also be noted that these home methods will never give you the same results as professional procedure. Therefore, it is better to be realistic at once. The question on how can I whiten my teeth has several answers when it comes to non-professional remedies – there are paint on substances, also toothpastes, strips and gels – all aiming to make your teeth whiter and better-looking.

How can I whiten my teeth with paint on brush – this is an interesting question. This is actually one of the cheapest methods of whiting in the U.S. – it actually amounts to 5-10$ and can be obtained in every pharmacy. The procedure is pretty simple – you just apply the whitening formula to the teeth. However, this thing is not exactly effective as it may only help to achieve a very insignificant effect and make teeth some few shades lighter. It is useless in case your teeth are yellow and stained and really need professional help.

There are drawbacks to using such a formula with a brush – you are required to keep your teeth dry for some period of time while whitening substance is applied. It is pretty hard to do as our mouth produces saliva constantly and it is a complication in this case as uneven distribution of whitening formula can lead to spots appearance. However, this is a very good formula as it does not create any irritation to the gums.

For those with minimal amount of stains there is a different option – actually an easier one. Whitening toothpastes are available in every drugstore or store and they are capable of making ones teeth about 4-5 shades lighter, which is a very good achievement for a home method. However, there are limitations – kids and teenagers do not need to use it as it is capable of irritating their gums.

There is also another option for those whose teeth are too yellow. Teeth whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide on one side which is responsible for the whitening effect. These strips can be used over night for a period of time, usually for about 2 weeks in order to achieve any visible effect. However, as it has already been mentioned – no home whitening can be compared with professional whitening. In case you are tortured by the question how can I whiten my teeth, teeth whitening strips are a great solution. They are more expensive than brushings and toothpastes – around 20$ but they are definitely more effective.

How can I whiten my teeth – this question is a very popular one. Among other home methods there are also gels for whitening. They can be applied overnight and they also contain peroxide that is used in professional whitening.

How can I whiten my teeth? Very simple and without going to a dentist it can be done with the help of home remedies. One of course should be pretty careful choosing the right way and take into consideration individual features. It is not recommended to try too hard with whitening in case a person’s teeth are pretty sensitive. However, if there is a great desire to make tooth whiter, drug stores can offer a lot of means to do so.

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