What Hair Color is Right for Me

Highlighting and coloring hair is the most popular way to have a new look. Actually natural hair color is usually the most suitable. However it is always nice to try something new.

How to Choose a Hair Color?

There are several things you should consider when selecting a hair color. To answer what hair color is right for me it is necessary to take into account the skin tone and the original color of your hair. It can become a real disaster if the hair color does not go well with complexion and features. There is another point to consider ? if you can carry this color off. You may want to make your hair bright violet or red. However if you find it is odd, it will really look odd. Let?s focus on skin tones to help you answer the question what hair color is right for me.

Hair colors for fair skin

If your skin is fair, the most suitable hair colors for you are blond, golden, brown and black. Those who want to change their look can use one of those colors. In case you are afraid of the way it will look, you?d better get highlights. All the above mentioned colors are good for highlights, except the black one. It is also possible to use purple and maroon colors to get a funky look.

Light-golden shades are good for brown hair, you can also highlight your brown hair using copper shades. Those who have black hair can color it purple, copper or golden. Avoid dyeing black hair in extreme blond shades!

Hair colors for dark skin

Most dark-skinned people have brown or black hair. There are several types of dark skin. People with almond-colored complexion can choose copper colors, or golden highlights. If your skin is slightly darker, then you can color your hair dark or golden blond. Women with skin color like Naomi Campbell, with a little adventurousness, can use golden blond.

Before dyeing your hair you can look for photos of other people with similar hair color and skin tones. Seeing what hair color they have had, you will get a good idea on what hair color is right for you. In fact, you may seek for hair coloring and styles in the Internet anytime, to get a picture of what exactly you want. The thing is that you can learn from other people?s mistakes and choose the hair color that will suit you 100%!

Be careful when choosing a product to dye your hair, because some coloring products can make your hair weak, and even cause hair loss. For proper hair care use high quality hair products.

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