Tips for Those Who Can’t Fall Asleep at Night

Among the problems with falling asleep there are two main factors – physical and mental. In case of the first – it can be due to muscle pains or headaches as well as a wide range of all other different factors. In these cases sleeping can be helped with some alternations in the sleeping surroundings and medications, or natural remedies.

However, there is a different side – sleeping problems can be caused by thinking, worrying and anxiety and in this case other methods will be needed.

Some people can’t fall asleep at night because they have nightmares or just some unpleasant dreams that make them anxious and scared. Dreams are in general very mysterious things and they can affect a person to some extent – in the given case, interfere with his sleeping.

Perhaps it is something that worries you a lot that does not allow you to fall asleep at night? Perhaps, it is something at your work or it concerns your relationships. Maybe you have had an argument with your friend or a spouse, or rather, there are some things that you have to do urgently and you haven’t finished them yet? The list can be very long and in order to get back to normal and be able to sleep soundly, it is better to get these worries and fears clear. They will not become material if you name them. Rather, getting a better understanding of your problems will make them easier to solve.

It is even recommended to try writing down each and every your worry because you will be able to look at it and estimate in the morning; and, perhaps, the problem will look rather differently then. The same can be recommended for fears. They can better be handled in case you know exactly what to deal with instead of having a vague idea what exactly scares you.

People who can’t fall asleep at night should not forget that breathing is a great helper in the process. It is also very useful to stretch your body before going to sleep on the floor and make sure everything got a good stretch. Make sure your breaths are long and deep.

Sometimes mantra can be of help if there is no chance to sleep. You have heard about mantra, haven?t you? However, you do not need anything complicated. Something like mmmmmm or ommm will suffice. It is essential to keep concentrated on the sound and your breathing. Prayer can also produce the same effect, in case mantra is not working. You can choose anything that is best for you.

In case all the options fail, you should pay closer attention to the reasons. In case you are very energetic, find the activity to apply your energy; in case otherwise – ask for help. You can even try self-hypnosis. Sometimes it works. All in all you should understand that a person needs sound sleep for at least several hours in order for the organism to rest and be able to function. In case you cannot sleep, there must be done something about it.

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