The Procedure of Liposuction

In Europe, the most popular cosmetic surgery is liposuction. This is where the volume of stored fat in the body is reduced.

There are fundamentally different methods of liposuction (liposuction), in which the doctor can perform. What procedure is used depends on the texture of the skin of the patient and by the volume of the fat from the one which can be sucked off. The most common is the method of liposuction which means applied. It is to be treated the patient for about an hour before the actual surgery a solution, whose components include isotonic and sterile water and sodium carbonate, in the corresponding body injected.

This solution causes two things:
First, it does pain, on the other hand, this particular solution fat sparing of bone and connective tissue resolved. After the solution is evenly distributed and with the fat (the one which can be sucked off) joined, followed by the actual surgery. The actual interference with the help of various hoses fat solvent mixture evacuated. With the procedure of liposuction, you can have up to four liters of fat removed.

The cost for a liposuction moves about between 3000 Euros to 5000 Euros. The amount is primarily dependent on which region or zone issue should be dealt with. Usually, such a cosmetic surgery is not covered by the health insurance you paid for, so it may come to a considerable cost to the patient. Therefore, always compare in advance the prices that are different from physicians for this treatment that are all over Europe.

Conclusion on Liposuction (Liposuction).

With the removal of disturbing fat and modeling of the relevant parts of the body, the surgeon makes your body leaner, and the proportions are gaining a lot more balanced. In this method, however, there is no alternative to weight loss and no treatment of obesity. The whole person itself cannot be made leaner, but the individual lots with strong localized fat deposits.

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