Protection Against Mobile Phone Radiation

At regular intervals, a topic makes rounds on the media landscape about the number of mobile phone users who simply sleep away the mobile phone radiation. Many studies have now shown that cell phone radiation has no perceptible negative effects on humans. The reduction of daily dose of radiation can easily be achieved.

Poor Reception – High Radiation

There will be relatively high radiation, especially when cell phone reception is bad. The phone sends data in rapid intervals through the air as it tries to register at the next base station. This, not only reduces battery life on one hand, but also continues to emit constant radiation on the other. That is why, one should prefer to wait for better reception than making poor connectivity calls.

Less is More

Most cell phone users are happy to have their best cells in the pants’ or jacket’s pockets. This makes the body to receive a relatively large amount of radiation. And the radiation does not make any differentiation between contract and prepaid users. Especially, there will be a lot of radiation whenever a new cell is dialed. Therefore, you should make sure that cell phone has more stand-by time or even completely switched off. Likewise, we should not spend hours on the phone, so the radiation dose will decrease.

Cordless Phones: More Radiation than Mobile Phones

The sometimes contradictory statements by many mobile phone users about mobile phone radiation can be explained by the many, but they do not seem to remember radiation threat emanating on the domestic front: the cordless phone. While the mobile radiation strength in relation to the base can be regulated, this feature is missing in nearly all DECT phones. This sends radiation the whole day continuously; so users should make sure that the cordless phone is not in the bedroom on the nightstand, or up in the nursery.

Radiation is not Harmful

Those who want to reduce cell radiation know how to achieve the reduction. But, there is no clear cut evidence or study analysis to say that cell radiation will affect human adversely. For more information on the subject, you should contact the Federal Office for Radiation.

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