Back to the Roots: 4 Best Paleo and Keto Recipe Websites

Trendy diets set their own rules, and paleo and keto diets are no exceptions. While these rules are not that strict, you may still find examples of recipes useful, even if you want to add into your meal something that does not really fit the definition. In this article, you will find a list of outstanding websites loaded with keto and paleo recipes.

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What is the paleo diet?

The concept of the paleo diet is rather romantic. It is supposed to resemble the diet that cavemen presumably ate. Actually, it’s difficult to tell what kinds of modern foods can belong to the list of foods available during the Paleolithic era, so it is kind of flexible, and there are dozens of versions of it. The key idea behind it is that humans should eat only the foods that they ate before they started cultivating plants and actually processing foods.

What is the ketogenic diet?

The diet was originally designed to help treat children suffering from epilepsy, as following it can cause ketosis, which reduces the frequency of seizures. It forces the body to prefer fat as a source of energy, because carbohydrate supplies are limited (though consumption of a small amount of carbs is still required). As a result of processing fats, ketone bodies are formed, which trigger ketosis, a state which can help reduce the frequency of seizures by up to 50%.

The diet implies consumption of low amounts of carbs, and moderate amounts of fats and proteins. Besides the medical use, it is also favored by sportsmen and those willing to lose weight.

Here are several websites that can provide you with cooking inspiration and recipes that are mouthwatering and so natural-looking.

Cod piccata

Paleo Grubs

This website looks like paleo headquarters: here you can find not only recipes, but information on the diet, a paleo food list, and a curious 14-day meal plan that is available for free. Hundreds of recipes are divided into categories to help you find the one that you will love. The recipes there are various and not that orthodox: there is even paleo bread. Hush!

Walnut shrimps

Nom Nom Paleo

Behind the whimsical name, there is a website run by Michelle Tam. The blog is loaded with paleo recipes with a slight Asian touch. The diversity of activities available on the website is impressive: you can browse myriads of recipes, listen to podcasts, read cooking books, check out their meal plans, and even buy a themed T-shirt – just in case you want a branded paleo souvenir!

Pumpkin chicken chil

Civilized Caveman

This website is not only about cooking: fitness and wellness are no less important there. The recipe section offers a wide range of dishes, and categories, including desserts, salads, condiments, drinks, etc. can make it easier for you to navigate this sea of paleo cooking ideas.

Noodle salad with peanut sauce

I Breathe I’m Hungry

Despite the mysterious name, I Breathe I’m Hungry is a website featuring lots of keto recipes to inspire you to learn how to cook in a keto-way. Keto menu plans, recipes, and cookbooks are accompanied by a forum where you can share your opinion with other keto diet adepts.

Before you set out to explore the vast fields of paleo and keto cooking, consult your GP to find out whether your health condition can bear such changes in your diet.

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