Information on the Metabolic Balance and Conversion

As per a publication of the American Society for Nutrition, the Americans are getting fatter, and shortly we will have unhealthy conditions. Already, 65% of men and about 55% of women are overweight. However, this weight gain is not just a cosmetic problem, but the ensuing metabolic diseases of excess weight such as gout, rheumatism, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes type2, are set to spread very rapidly.

It is time to deal with healthy eating. Already, a preponderance of 10-20% of people keep the insulin levels so high that a natural fat reduction, along with diet, no longer takes place. It is known that pancreas regulates insulin, it not only regulates the blood sugar level, but the sugar also can be removed from the fat pads that store surplus sugar for “emergency situations”. At the same time, it seals the insulin cells, thus enabling fat reserves caused by other hormones are not reduced.

Those people who are unsuccessful with many diets, often with powders, pills and dietary supplements, know the problem. The metabolic balance is interrupted and after a short time, shows more weight than it was before the diet. The famous JoJo effect has set in.

No short-term crash diets, but only a healthy and balanced diet can help this ‘insulin trap” to escape.

The Metabolic Balance Program offers a healthy metabolic regulation and brings the often disturbed hormonal balance back into shape. Based on a comprehensive blood test with 35 laboratory values, the metabolic situation of the patient is determined to arrive at the exact type of food corresponding to the patient’s metabolism so that the balance is restored. The patient receives an accurate nutrition plan in 4 phases, valid only for the patient, and its mode of implementation in easy manner without any hunger pangs. These dietary supplements are not needed. The body will be encouraged to produce healthy metabolic hormones that are necessary, and in the correct ratio. At the same time, get better with liver function tests, cholesterol, elevated blood glucose levels, high blood pressure and other metabolic disorders. One positive side effect is the long-term weight loss and fat loss.

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