Slow Cooker Opportunities: Your Fave Recipes Revamped

Our hectic lives often force us to eat foods that either require only heating or do not take long to make. Buying a slow cooker can be a good way out if you crave that very tasty soup you granny used to cook for you but do not have spare time to slave over a hot stove. In this article, you will find a chart that enables you to turn common recipes into slow cooker ones.

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Why the crock-pot?

Cooking on a hot day can be a challenge, because the heat it fills your kitchen with can aggravate the situation and turn it into a sauna. Ovens and stoves are great appliances, which enable a skilled housewife to create masterpieces, but they may be difficult to use in summer.

Another reason to look for a substitute for common cooking appliances is that they require constant attention: you usually cannot leave your soup being cooked unattended. With a slow cooker, this problem is solved.

A slow cooker enables its owner to delegate the fuss of cooking soups, stews and hundreds of other delicious dishes to a single pot, which, as its name suggests, cooks more slowly than stoves, grills, ovens, multicookers and other appliances. Simmering makes meat tender, and soups are thicker and have a rich flavor. With a slow cooker, you can even bake cakes!

More to cook than meets the eye

Slow cookers have been dwelling in our kitchens for a quite a long time, but recipes for common stoves and ovens still outnumber crock-pot ones. However, it appears that you can convert any recipe into one that can be made with a crock-pot.

Jillee, the lady running the One Good Thing project, compiled a chart, which provides information on how to translate stove and over recipes into those for slow cookers. Here it is.

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As seen from the chart, all you have to do is to increase the amount of time the original recipe calls for depending on what mode you want to choose. If it’s on high, it’s a little faster.

Slow cooker guidelines

As someone who has truly mastered the slow cooker, Jillee gives advice on how to turn conventional recipes into crock-top ones without ruining the dish.

  • If you are going to cook meat in a slow cooker, brown it prior to putting it into the pot: such an approach will help you make a flavor-rich dish.
  • The slow cooker uses steam to cook foods, so if there is not enough liquid, the result may turn out to be far from what you expected.
  • If the original recipe calls for a certain amount of liquid, it is recommended to reduce it by around 50%, because unlike ovens and stoves, slow cookers do not cause water to get boiled away.
  • Vegetables should be cut into relatively small pieces and placed on the appliance bottom.
  • If the recipe you are going to cook calls for dairy products, add them in the last half an hour (or an hour, depending on the way you like it).
  • To prevent grain-based foods from becoming sticky, use a stove to boil the pasta or whatever else you want to use, and add it right before the dish in the crock-pot is ready.

A slow cooker is a good item to add to your kitchen appliance collection. Using a crock-pot, you can make healthy dishes, such as soups, stews, lasagne, risotto, etc. BBC Good Food offers a wide range of recipes to choose from, and making them is effortless and enables you to cook healthy and hearty meals. You can even make yoghurts, curry and pies!

As all ingredients are cooked slowly, they enrich each other with flavors, which means you can make a very delicious dish without slaving over a hot stove. A note to remember: while you can leave the slow cooker alone for some time, never leave any appliances turned on if you have to go out for several hours, as it can be dangerous. By the way, with a slow cooker, you can cook even at night while you are asleep!


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