Sensitive Teeth Causes

It is a normal way of things for people with sensitive teeth to avoid foods that are too hot or too cold. The thing is that taking such things is fraught with pretty unpleasant sensations and it makes hard and even unbearable to chew food after it. There are several reasons why teeth can react in such a way and here are some of the most frequent ones.

One of the few sensitive teeth causes is poor oral hygiene. All in all it is recommended to take care of teeth and mouth in order not to have problems later. First of all among sensitive teeth causes is receding gyms. People who ignore the recommendation to brush teeth twice a week and use dental floss and so on risk developing plaques on teeth. These plaques contain bacteria and they can be pretty damaging to the gyms. The effect is usually very unpleasant – gyms get red and recede and the roots are no longer covered and therefore everything that is either cold or hot creates very unpleasant sensations.

Next among sensitive teeth causes is the erosion of enamel. It is the reason to pay closer attention to ones teeth if every food that is too cold or hot or sour creates unpleasant sensation. Enamel destruction is really a bad thing as it serves as a protective layer for the teeth and when it gets damaged, teeth stay unprotected.

Sometimes in the list of sensitive teeth causes there are tooth infections. Bacteria tend to spread to the area of the roots and make gums redden and swell and this creates chewing painful as well as general unpleasant feeling.

Problems with gyms that stem from some diseases such as periodontal disease or gingivitis can also refer to sensitive teeth causes.

People with sensitive teeth should be very careful in their choice of oral care products. They should be especially attentive to the products that promise white teeth without much effort. Such products usually contain hydrogen peroxide that is really bad for the tissues of the teeth and harms enamel and cause sensitivity.

Sometimes sensitive teeth causes can be such simple as bad eating habits and fractures – this way bacteria spread easily and it has already been described what it may lead to.

One of the essential things about taking care about sensitive causes is that a lot of people have no idea about proper ways to clean teeth. However, this is pretty important especially if there is a tendency for the teeth to become more sensitive.

In case when sensitivity gets too bad there are ways to help teeth to feel better. There are treatment options and they can be selected depending on the individual requirements. It is recommended not to miss your appointments to dentist in general and to apply for a consultation as soon as any problems begin in order not to have worse problems later.

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