Diabetes and Depression

Depression is an illness and, no matter that some may say, a pretty bad one. Not only it is a complicated thing on its own, but it frequently is connected with some other condition, being either the reason or a symptom. One of such cases is diabetes.

It might sound strange but diabetes and depression are connected and both can last pretty for a long time taking into consideration that diabetes cannot be treated. There is also an interesting point of view that in some cases it is depression that can trigger diabetes and not vise versa as it is supposed to be.

There were studies that showed the results of about a thousand and a half patients treated for depression later showed the tendency for diabetes development. It is also very characteristic that about 80% of patients prone to depression are diabetic.

It has also been discovered that depressive people with a diagnoses are met more frequently among diabetic patients. Healthy people are less prone to both conditions. Depression tends to develop more often in diabetic patients than in those who does not have such a problem and this can be easily understood. It has also been proved that women are more likely to be depressed when they have diabetes.

There are different reasons that cause depression in diabetes patients. The thing is that diabetes and depression combination can be pretty bad as diabetes is a complicated disorder and it changes your life a lot and there is no surprise that people tend to react negatively to these changes. It is frequent that diabetes and depression combined can evoke such further complications as cardiovascular problems and neuropathy as well as blindness even and so on.

One of the factors that can be pointed in the connection between diabetes and depression is that antidepressants are able to affect the levels of glucose in the blood. Other researches point out that hormone cortisone gets affected and this leads to diabetes in depressive people. However, this is hard to define and really not easy to track down such connections.

It is enough that depression is a very complicated thing as it is. It makes everything around dull and monosyllabic and a person feels very bad in psychological sense and frequently in physical as well. There is no surprise that a depressed person chooses to apply for help of a doctor and that in many cases he or she applies for the help of medications as a last resort even knowing that it can be fraught with some health complications.

There are some tips that will not allow diabetes and depression to develop.

It is essential for a person to have a healthy schedule and a well-balanced diet. These are universal health tips but really such small steps can make wonders to a person’s health and well-being. A little bit of healthy food and workout and good sleep will keep away depression and with it the risk of diabetes development.

On the other hand, it is recommended to get checked for depression in case there is suspicion or a diagnosis for diabetes. It has already been said that the latter can become the reason for the former due to the administered medications for instance. That is why it is better to get checked and take measures.

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