Lighten Dark Spots

Dark spots on skin can be caused by different skin conditions. Commonly this is acne that results in blemishes and scars. Excessive exposure to the sun is another cause dark spots. Hyperpigmentation is a medical term to describe dark spots on skin caused by sun rays and hormone imbalance. Lack of important vitamins like vitamin E and A can result in this condition which makes the skin look unattractive. Here are the tips on how to lighten dark spots.

Natural Ways to Lighten Dark Spots

  • Lemon is the most common component to lighten dark spots. Get some fresh lemon juice and apply it on the skin. Lemon is popular for its bleaching properties; that?s why it is very effective for removing dark spots. For better results you may add several drops of glycerin to lemon juice.
  • Honey is also helpful to lighten dark spots. You may apply honey on the whole face or use as a spot treatment. Add some wheat germ or lemon juice in honey before application.
  •  To deal with age spots, onions can be used. Rub a slice of onion on the affected area for several minutes. Do this two times a day for two weeks.
  • Aloe vera is the best treatment for hair, skin and stomach problems. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on dark spots to lighten them. To have fresh skin apply it regularly.
  •  To lighten dark spots you can use rosehip seed oil. It is an effective way to regenerate new skin. The oil is to be massaged into the skin two times a day.

The ideal solution is applying natural oils. Almond oil or lavender oil help to cope with uneven skin tone and make your skin radiant and blemish-free. Massage the oils before bedtime on the dark spots. Add some almond and lavender oil to massage creams you use for regular facials.

? To lighten dark spots you may mix orange juice and apple cider vinegar. Mix 1 tsp of orange juice and 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar to make a treatment for the dark spots. Use a cotton ball to apply the mix on the face and do it regularly.

Aside from the tips mentioned above you should remember several things when trying to lighten dark spots. It is highly important to reduce the use of cosmetics. It is best to use high quality and branded products for skin care. Apply a sunscreen with minimum SPF 15 when going out in the sun. As a matter of fact, cleansing is crucial for proper skin care, so keep that in mind. It is high time to start treating your skin properly to reach an even skin tone.

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