Gout Attack

It is very frequent that some people start experiencing gout attacks in their sleep. This is not very pleasant as the attacks tend to happen all of a sudden and they are pretty forceful and painful. Gout attack is characterized by the pain that comes suddenly in the area of a large joint on the big toe. Then it can spread to the other joints in the knees and feet, as well as ankles and hands and wrists. It is common that he big toe becomes tender and swollen. It also turns red and hot and is painful to touch. It does not hurt all the time but after the actual pain leaves, the unpleasant sensation stays and the feeling of discomfort can stay for a period of time. It might be several days or even a week, or a month. It is also characteristic that the next gout attack repeats after a pretty long period of time – such as a couple of months or a year.

The reason behind the gout attack is uric acid. There is such a thing as purines and they are contained in every human body and also are a constituent of many foods. Uric acid is produced when purines break down in the organism and according to the normal scenario acid is dissolved in the blood and is removed from the organism with the urine after passing the kidneys. However, in cases of a different scenario when a person’s organism produces excessive amounts of urine acid or kidneys are unable to work probably, the excess of urine acid builds up in the organism resulting in the formation of crystals. They are sharp and resemble needles both in appearance and the effect and they generally tend to accumulate around joints as well as surrounding tissues and evoke painful sensations as well as inflammation. In severe cases this ends up with gout attack and means that there is a great excess of urine acid in a person’s organism.

Gout attack is not a really dangerous thing and, moreover, it can be helped pretty well in case necessary medications are at hand. Gout attack is generally treated with medications of two classes, the former of which are presupposed for acute attacks and lowering the risk of the condition recurrence. They include NSAIDs, colchicine, and corticosteroids. The latter serve for fighting with complications and the like and include special medications that help with the kidneys’ function and also assist in blocking the uric acid production. These are the main treatment options for gout attacks.

Apart from the above mentioned remedies there are also home medicines. It is recommended that people who tend to suffer from gout attacks drink a lot of fluid daily. This means that minimum 8-9 glasses of water should be a norm for a day. Water will make it easier for the kidneys to remove urine acid from the organism. It is also recommended to stay away from any alcohol as well as meat and fish and poultry. The latter foods are very much laden with purines. If you follow these dimple rules, you are in a less risk to suffer from gout attack next time.

Gout attack can also be helped by cherries. This is not a joke – cherries are very beneficial as they are rich in vitamin C and they help to eliminate urine acid from the system. It is recommended to eat about 10-15 cherries a day in order to have any effect.

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