Hemorrhoids Causes

Under the term of hemorrhoids is understood the condition when veins of anal canal get swollen and the process of defecation becomes painful. Movements of stool get restricted because veins get inflamed and narrow the anal canal. It is very frequent that veins may start bleeding and the itchy sensation can be experienced. These are the most common symptoms of hemorrhoids. However, it is important to know about hemorrhoids causes in order to treat the condition in a right way.

One of the first causes that lead to hemorrhoids is excessive strain. Veins in the anal cavity and especially the ones that are situated in the lower rectal area are very delicate and are not really great in handling pressure. In the case of strain blood circulation is restricted and, therefore, less blood flows to the heart. It results in insufficient oxygen flow and swelling occurs as a result. Swollen veins in the anus cause constipation. It is considered one of the hemorrhoids causes that is responsible for the unpleasant sensations and after effects.

Constipation is among hemorrhoids causes. It is fraught with a lot of problems with stool and bowel movements get complicated and painful. This happens because the stool becomes hard and hard for the removal from the rectum. And in such a situation a person has to make more effort in order to remove feces. Lower intestines part experiences a lot of pressure in the situation and here goes the strain when veins in the anal canal get swollen. Chronic constipation is interconnected with swollen veins and this is exactly what is meant by hemorrhoids causes.

It is also very frequent among hemorrhoids causes that obese people suffer from the condition more frequently than others. Obesity is fraught with a lot of fat building up in the organism and a great share of it gets concentrated in the area of abdomen. It results in the excessive strain in the veins that surround the rectum and the pelvis. This evokes hemorrhoids to develop. It is recommended for people suffering from excessive weight to get it under control; otherwise hemorrhoids problems are inevitable. In many cases hemorrhoids are removed only surgically because the stretched veins cannot get into their initial form by any means of treatment.

Sedentary lifestyles are fraught with hemorrhoids as well. It is a very frequent condition in people who have to sit on hard surfaces for the most part of the day at work. It is no good for the veins of the anal canal to get strained by sitting position both at work and especially in the toilet when one does not feel any bowel movements. Hemorrhoids causes a person to feel itching and pain and the condition is also fraught with bleeding and very unpleasant; therefore, it is better to avoid sitting when one can move and all in all to lead a more active way of life.

Among other hemorrhoids causes is pregnancy. It is very frequent and a lot of women expecting a baby suffer from it. When a woman is pregnant, her belly grows and the lower part of the body has to experience quite a lot of pressure. Strain is felt everywhere – in the legs, knees and lower part of the rectum as well. Knee pain is very frequent as well as painful sensations in the rectum which are result of developing hemorrhoids.

Chronic diarrhea is among the list of hemorrhoids causes as well. The veins in the anal passage always experience strain every time we go to the toilet and in case of diarrhea it happens far too often. There is no surprise that veins get swollen from the efforts and hemorrhoids develop. It is recommended to treat diarrhea as soon as possible as it can cause such unpleasant consequences that will be able to treated only surgically.

It is also very frequent that excessive pressure in the abdominal region can also be among hemorrhoids causes. Under the pressure not only pregnancy and obesity are understood but also such things as carrying heavy objects. It is a great stress for the organism to try and lift and carry something that is far too heavy and a lot of different conditions can develop one of them being hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids treatment first of all presupposes that less strain should be experienced by a person in the lower part of the abdomen. It is very essential to diagnose the right causes of the condition in order to get the right treatment. In case constipation stands behind as one of hemorrhoids causes, it is necessary to restore the proper work of bowels by introducing some changes to the diet. The same refers if hemorrhoids result from excessive weight. Lifestyle and diet changes should be introduced. In case a person gets the condition from the sedentary lifestyle it is necessary that he or she becomes more active even if the job cannot be changed.

Hemorrhoids causes are not really something new or complicated. In order to avoid the condition one just should need to be a little more careful about health and stick to a proper diet and workout plan in the first place. In case the condition has already developed, it is recommended to apply for professional advice and help.

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