HPV Vaccine Protects against Cervical Cancer

The HPV vaccine protects you against the four most common disease types of the human papillomavirus (HPV).  A series of studies are addressed to HPV and the vaccine was proved to be highly effective against cervical cancer. In the British Journal of Cancer, the presented data from a long-term study had also demonstrated the sustained efficacy of vaccination. Researchers from the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research report that women that have positive HPV, can be protected from HPV vaccine by preventing cervical lesions to develop.

Human papilloma viruses are extremely common: it is estimated to infect at least 70% of all human life with HPV, and the average prevalence of HPV infections with 9-13% is indicated. The newly developed vaccine is directed against the majority of HPV-associated diseases caused by the four HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18. Particularly, the high risk HPV types 16 and 18 are responsible for 75% of the diseases.

In large phase III studies (FUTURE I and II) have already shown that triple vaccine has prevented fully the cervical cancer caused by types of virus.

The continued effectiveness of HPV vaccine is confirmed by antibody position. One month after the last of the three doses, women with natural HPV infections, have shown multiple values of respective antibody concentrations. After five years of the vaccination, the higher concentrations of the corresponding antibodies in the vaccinated group is off, but are still comparable to or even higher than was originally prevalent in women with natural HPV infection.

Women who test HPV, precaution must be carried out, without that they have one striking Pap results available, the test should be as individual health benefit (IGeL) currently pay themselves. Is different from the other hand, if a striking, but not clearly judge cell smear diagnosis is made, such as a Pap Pap IIw or III. Then, the goal of the HPV tests, the results more precisely clarified, so that the way forward can be easily fixed.

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