3 Exercises for Flabby Skin

Losing weight faster than recommended can result in saggy skin, which is far from what you might want to have. However, having flabby skin does not mean you will have to resort to surgery. In this article, you will find a list of exercises for different areas, which can help you strengthen fat-was-here skin rolls.

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Women who have recently given birth to a child, and those on a strict diet run the risk of having flabby skin, because the skin cannot keep up with the fast changes that the body undergoes: it takes time for skin to fit your new shape, and losing too much fat within a short term is likely to leave you with saggy skin in different areas, not just the belly.

Here are three exercises, which you can perform to strengthen your skin. This is not another miracle-that-works-in-a-couple-of-days: exercising on a regular basis is the only natural way to keep your skin healthy and smooth, so adamant will may come in handy when getting rid of the former rolls of fat.

#1. Abdominal area

Probably the most vulnerable area of a woman’s body, as far as fitness is concerned, the abdominal area is more likely to suffer due to rapid weight loss. The best exercise to make the skin in the area perfect is the plank saw. It is a wonderful exercise for your core and arms.

Take a look at this video. Start with a common plank by placing your forearms on a yoga mat (it is recommended to use a mat when exercising to prevent slipping and protect your knees and elbows). Hold your body rigid – your bottom should neither be heading to the ceiling, nor trying to reach the floor. Without moving your arms, pull the rest or your body behind and forward. For easier sliding, put a towel under your feet.

#2. Arm area

The skin on arms can become saggy not only due to weight loss, but also in the course of normal aging. To keep it toned, you can do the good old push-ups. However, you may find it difficult to do this exercise if you have not been training recently, as it takes a lot of strength. An easier version of push-ups is the one in which you start with standing on your knees and hands instead of the plank.

Knee push-ups are beneficial for shoulders, triceps muscles and upper chest, so you can try doing it on a regular basis to improve your skin on the arms. Don’t forget to use a yoga mat; otherwise your knees won’t thank you for such sessions.

#3. Legs and thighs

Thighs and legs are another difficult-to-keep-in-shape area. If a woman puts on weight, she is more likely to see the first signs of it on her legs and thighs. Still, the process can be countered by squats.

The key to flawless squats is to keep your back straight while doing the exercise. Do not move forward too much. Imagine that you want to sit, but once you have brought your bottom to the knee level, start “standing up”.

One more important note: exercising is most effective when it is regular. Dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to physical activity – this is the minimum level recommended by researchers. You can find more exercises that help tone your body and get rid of skin rolls in our calisthenics article.

Remember that exercising is not the only aspect of improving your skin. Proper nutrition is also important – your approach to strengthening saggy skin should be comprehensive! Drink enough water, eat healthy foods and reevaluate your lifestyle (the most important part!) – by doing so, you can do much more than just strengthen flabby skin.


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