Sudden Loss of Hearing

Loss of hearing can have different reasons why it took place at all.

Hearing loss means that a person has lost his ability to hear sounds either partially or completely. In the majority of cases it happens gradually as a person ages and health becomes worse. However, there are a lot of cases when sudden loss of hearing takes place due to some external factors. It can be caused by peculiarities of working environment and also some medical condition.

Sudden loss of hearing means that a person experiences the reduction of his hearing abilities for about 72 hours on average. In many cases a person is able to hear the sounds less adequately for about 75% worse than he usually does. The most frequent reason for such a condition is evoked by the influence of bacteria and viruses and also by the injury in many cases. Sudden loss of hearing is frequent in one ear than in both ears and all in all this is not a very common condition. Here are the reasons that can cause it described in more details.

One of the most frequent causes for hearing loss is injury to the head that involves fracture of a skull. This can be fraught with very severe consequences – loss of hearing can be permanent.

The next very wide-spread reason of sudden loss of hearing is surgery and its after effects. It is possible that some of the internal parts get damaged during the operation and the effect can be pretty long lasting – in some cases people wait their hearing recovered for years.

Sudden loss of hearing in one ear or both can be also the result of constant exposure to loud noises. It especially refers to people who due to their profession have to work in the loud and noisy environment. The condition is generally worse when noise is in the enclosed space.

Viruses and bacteria are also frequent causes for sudden loss of hearing as well as some other conditions such as mumps and measles and meningitis. Impending stroke can be also considered the reason for sudden loss of hearing in people.

Certain medications are able to cause hearing loss as an adverse effect. In milder cases a person can experience the unpleasant feeling of hearing loss when flying.

Loss of hearing is frequently accompanied with or is preceded by tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. The statistics shows that about 20-60% of patients have these symptoms. Sometimes vertigo can also be diagnosed.

Generally sudden loss of hearing is generally the after effect of some other condition or problem. And being sudden, it is common for a person to restore it in a short period. However, there are chances that a person can become deaf permanently but they are not very great. It depends on the severity of the cause and a person’s individual characteristics. The treatment also depends on the cause of sudden loss of hearing.

One of the crucial points in taking care of hearing is to make sure you do not risk your hearing when there are risks to have it damaged. It is especially important to take all the precaution measures on your working place in case it is presupposed by safety regulations.

Sudden loss of hearing can be chronic and permanent or it can be temporary. It is recommended to apply for the professional help and advice of a specialist.

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